Cristina + Ramon, a bohemian wedding with a van

Cristina and Ramon met when they were teenagers. At the end of high school they chose different paths, but fate brought them together again 10 years later. Since then they have not been separated again. These soul mates love to travel, especially getting away in their nice van. They are in love with the mountains and winter and you can follow them on their blog where you will be up to date with their travels, which are not few. rustic-wedding-mimetikbcn-holabehippie-travel The Request Cristina was not expecting anything the day that Ramón took her to dinner at the same place where they had gone the first time they saw each other. A small restaurant in the Born neighborhood in Barcelona. There, he told her that he didn't care how or where, but that he was clear that he wanted to spend the rest of his life by her side. Sincere and simple. Cristina was moved, he put the ring on her finger and she replied that yes, they would always be together <3 The environment These mountain lovers were clear that they wanted a rustic and country wedding surrounded by nature, mountains, with a spring sunset and accompanied by family and lifelong friends. That is why they decided on a farmhouse with 300 years of history, in Osona, surrounded by crops, horses, small towns and Pedraforca in the background. rustic-wedding-mimetikbcn-holabehippie-landscape The special details The couple wanted their personality, natural and warm, to be reflected in every corner of the wedding. That is why they decided to put their vintage van welcoming the guests and a very special signature book, some old skis, in honor of Ramon's great passion. Rustic-wedding-mimetikbcn-holabehippie-souvenirRustic-wedding-mimetikbcn-holabehippie-van They represented the naturalness of their character by choosing the color white for the decoration, meaning purity, and filling the farmhouse with paniculata, daisies and lavender; and combining it with the warmth of wood and straw bales. Rustic-wedding-mimetikbcn-holabehippie-decoration Cristina really wanted her friends to have a special role on her wedding day and that's why she decided they would be her bridesmaids. She chose the long navy blue dress from Mimètik Bcn , so that they would all be dressed the same, but with different styles, each one being able to reflect their personality. She completed the look with corsages from Lito & Lola , in conjunction with the white hydrangea crown that she wore. Rustic-wedding-mimetikbcn-holabehippie-maids-of-honor With the same motto throughout the wedding and with the idea of ​​seeing herself as a natural bride, Cristina decided on a bouquet of wild and rustic flowers from Molist Floristes . It seemed that the flowers had just been picked. Rustic-wedding-mimetikbcn-holabehippie-bouquet The bride and groom decided to celebrate the dance in the old barn of the farmhouse. They decorated the space with candles, a table of sweets where a Red Velvet cake from Sugar Plates looked incredible and heading it, their personalized boyfriends from Mr and Mrs by Ani . Rustic-wedding-mimetikbcn-holabehippie-figure-bridesrustic-wedding-mimetikbcn-holabehippie-pastel All the photos of the Big Day were taken by Wife and Husband with much love. Advice for new brides
'If at the end of the day you are married to the person you love, everything has turned out well. The rest is secondary
I don't know about you, but I get permanent goosebumps every time I reread this article. These two are pure love and the most beautiful thing is that they have managed to make their wedding day truly reflect what they are: passionate about the mountains, van trips and natural life. I love them! Signature-Mireia