Multiposition or convertible dresses: 1 dress for each occasion

Have you been invited to an event, are you going to be your best friend's bridesmaid or are you getting married soon and you don't want to spend hundreds of euros on a dress that you are only going to wear once? I have the perfect solution: buy a convertible dress.
If, like me, you think that we have to be more and more sustainable and worry about the environment, you will love what I am going to explain to you. Discover why multiposition dresses are going to become your best allies for any celebration. I'll tell you what they are and the advantages you can enjoy with them.

What are multiposition dresses?

Multiposition dresses, also known as convertible dresses , are garments that stand out because the upper part is made up of two straps that can be placed in an infinite number of positions. It is possible to find them in all kinds of lengths and they are quite popular for their great versatility.

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Advantages of multiform dresses

The reasons why multiform dresses are one of the best allies to wear to any event are numerous thanks to their many advantages.
In particular, they stand out for being the most versatile dress you can have , since it offers the possibility of using it many times in different ways. That versatility allows you to wear a dress to different events, with a totally different look each time. Wonderful, right?
In fact, it seems that you are wearing a new dress at each event, since they allow you to get a lot of use out of it. Here , you can see our catalog of dresses for parties and events.
Among its advantages, it stands out that they adapt perfectly to all types of bodies , since their straps in the upper area allow the neckline to be raised or lowered, even to mark the waist more or have the back uncovered. And I'll tell you a secret: the back in the air is just one of my favorite positions, it's super sensual!
vestidos multiposición
It will make you look spectacular at any time, despite the changes that your body experiences over time, since it will completely adapt to your figure.
This makes it one of the most chosen alternatives for bridesmaids . They can all wear the same dress, but will they go exactly the same? No way! Each one can wear it in their own way thanks to the convertible straps, ideal for reflecting the light of each one of them.
In addition, it is a perfect alternative if you do not share the fast fashion philosophy , since it is a sustainable garment that you can use on numerous occasions. There's no planet B!

long convertible dresses

Long multiposition dresses are ideal for bohemian or romantic style weddings thanks to the simplicity and versatility they provide. These dresses are quite popular among bridesmaids or event guests.
And as a designer, convertible wedding dresses are my great proposal for bohemian brides, and they have loved it! So much so that we have been selling to Mimétik Brides from all over the world for more than 10 years.
vestidos multiformas
It is an ideal low cost option according to the budget for the wedding. These designs stand out for their simplicity, a dress that will make you shine like never before.

Short Convertible Dresses

The short multiposition dresses share the same characteristic, that is, they have convertible straps to be able to wear it in countless different ways, but the length is different. It is a perfect alternative if you are going to be invited to an event, for a graduation or even if you are a bridesmaid and want an original option.
And that's not all, the best thing is that thanks to being short, it is much easier to use it again on any occasion . So much so that you don't need to go to any event to wear it, from an outing with friends, a date with your partner or a family dinner. The ideal wardrobe background!

Where can I buy a multiposition dress?

Now that you know all its advantages and characteristics, you will surely want to get one for your next celebration, but where can you buy a multiform dress ?
vestido multiposiciones
Our store is specialized in this type of dresses, they are handmade in our beautiful Atelier in Barcelona and we produce it in 3-4 business days. You see, we are super fast! You can find them in a wide variety of designs, both for guests and brides. Come to our atelier in Barcelona or visit our online store, we ship them all over the world!
Contact here , we are happy to advise you on any questions or help you choose the option that best suits what you are looking for.
Dare with multiposition dresses and wear it on more than one occasion as if you were brand new look. If you are looking for an original and versatile alternative that will make you shine like never before, this is the right one. Use it over and over again.