Lace wedding dresses are pure magic

If you have been following my blog for a while, you will know that lace wedding dresses are one of my favorites. They have something that I love. It seems to me one of the materials that brings more beauty and femininity to a bride. It does not matter if the entire dress is made of this material, or if it is only used to decorate some areas... The result is always an elegant and sophisticated dress that goes beyond the very definition of Lace .

After all, lace is one of the materials most chosen by brides around the world . What's more, the Mimètik brides have made our Gala Bohemian and Gala Vintage the best sellers. And this is because from the beginning we have put all our hearts in the dresses of this material for our brides. And of course we will continue to do so.

Why lace wedding dresses are special

If it is only about fabrics such as satin knit and lace… Why do they attract so much attention from brides? In the first place, the point can have an infinity of different patterns and drawings . Also, do not forget that the lace can have different levels of transparency depending on the pattern of the fabric. Therefore, there are a thousand ways to add it to a wedding dress.

Likewise, depending on the type of lace you choose, you can adapt it to any type of dress . Combined with both the most modern dresses and the most traditional ones. It will look great with romantic, rustic, vintage dresses and, without a doubt, with the most daring and sensual ones. Therefore, there is always a place for this material at your wedding.

For example, if you are looking for a classic style, but with a sexy touch, you can have the back covered in semi-transparent lace. If you are looking for something more bohemian and romantic, lace sleeves or a lace overskirt will be perfect.

Lace Wedding Dresses - Top Details

Mix lace with other materials to make your dress unique

As I told you before, the lace can be all over the dress, or it can be placed as decoration. And the latter is a great option. Mixing this material with others such as tulle brings life to the dress . It is a way to give it a different touch and adjust it more to the style you are looking for, if textures are your thing, for example.

Imagine a lace dress with a tulle skirt: plain, plumetti, with hearts, with glitter... It would be a most romantic and elegant dress. And a tight dress with a lace back and neckline? The result is a very sensual dress that none of the guests will forget. And it is that, as I was saying, lace offers brides thousands of options and adapts to what they need .

Accessories - lace wedding dresses

As you can see, lace gives you a lot of possibilities so that you can find your style and make your dress something special and with which you totally identify. If you want to know more about our lace wedding dresses , I recommend you take a look at this post in which I explain how to get your ideal wedding dress . You will see that there are a lot of combinations with which to keep lace in mind on your special day.

And if you need anything else or have questions about your dress, I will be happy to advise you. You can write to me through this form . I'll wait for you!

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