How to choose the ideal winter wedding dress

As a general rule, couples prefer to celebrate their wedding in seasons such as summer or spring. The weather is usually good, the guests have more free time at that time, and there are also more daylight hours. However, having a winter wedding can add a magical charm to your special day. For this reason, I want to give you some advice so that you can choose the perfect winter wedding dress for your wedding.

Let's be clear, in winter it's cold, and that's something you'll have to take into account when choosing the wedding dress. However, there are more questions to ask yourself in order to decide which suit will suit you best. Depending on how your wedding is going to be, your winter wedding dress will have to meet certain requirements .

Winter wedding dress. options to choose your wedding dress

The characteristics of your wedding and your tastes

Winter weddings are very original , and can end up being a fairy tale. Mind you, there are some drawbacks about this station. First of all, as I mentioned before, the cold. For this reason, ask yourself this question: will the wedding be indoors or outdoors? If at any time, be it at the ceremony, banquet or reception, you are going to be out in the open, you will need to choose a winter wedding dress that covers you against the cold .

In addition, the cold in the city is not the same as the one in the country. You will have to choose one with the right materials that will keep you warm. Likewise, the most important thing is your preferences. Maybe you are willing to spend a little cold in order to show off your dress more. Or maybe, you prefer to be comfortable and warm during the part of the wedding that is exposed and you don't mind wearing an accessory (a coat or a jacket, for example).

Materials and cut for a winter wedding dress

Now that you have decided how your wedding will be, it is time to choose the appropriate winter dress. If the entire wedding is held indoors, then the cold is not a problem for you . You can choose the dress you like best. On the contrary, if you are going to be outdoors , I recommend a more covered dress like our Frida Cozy in snowflake tulle . You will be warm and beautiful at the same time, and I assure you that this type of tulle gives the perfect touch to your winter wedding.

On the other hand, the cut of the dress is also important . Obviously, a short sleeveless dress is not the best option. Ideally, it should be long to cover your legs, and the sleeves should also be long to protect your arms. If you like dresses with a neckline or bare back, then you have to opt for the following option: accessories.

Materials and cut for winter wedding dress

Accessories for your winter wedding dress

Wearing an accessory in your winter wedding dress is a perfect solution to show off a low-cut, sleeveless or backless dress without dying of cold. Especially if part of the wedding is outside and another part is inside. In the case of our convertible dresses, they have a great point in favor of this. You can wear the dress that you like the most and then add a Bolero Essential to gain coverage and go warmer. You can also think of bohemian coats and jackets that can go more or less in conjunction with your dress, especially if it is a seasonal accessory. Choose one that matches your dress and you can keep warm when you need it.

Accessories for your winter wedding dress

In this post you will find a lot of inspiration about winter weddings, I am sure you will love it. And you, would you do your wedding in winter? or why not? Tell me in the comments!

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