What dress to wear to a graduation?

Congratulations! Let's start with the first thing that is to congratulate you. My goodness, I can imagine all the effort you have put into this course, all the hours of study and hard work. And how weird it has been to study during a pandemic. Lots of restrictions, few joys, right? You deserve this graduation party, have a wonderful graduation dress , feel beautiful with your friends and colleagues.

What dress to wear to a graduation

I perfectly remember my graduation party… and the nerves of days before. I didn't really know what to wear because it was the first time I wanted to dress elegant. I had already been to weddings, yes, but on those occasions it was my mother who had bought me the dress and had taken care of everything. Without me having much to decide, the truth...

The graduation party was different: this time I felt like the protagonist and choosing the graduation dress was a very important moment for me. I felt like an adult for the first time. But at the same time I was a little lost, I'm not going to lie to you. Did you want a long or short dress? What options did you have? Did you want to go very elegant or did you prefer something more casual? And with the number of shops there... Oh my gosh, I didn't know where to start!

That's why I want to help you. I want you to feel beautiful and just think about enjoying yourself, without extra nerves that don't help anything.

elegant marsala dress

Graduation dress: how to choose

These are my recommendations to find your graduation dress :

  1. Enjoy the search!

This is surely your first graduation. Talk to your friends, comment on how you will be dressed, see what hairstyle you would like on Pinterest. You can even go with similar dresses, but in different colors. My way of helping you in your search is with our Mimètik: these are one-size-fits-all dresses, which are perfect for sizes 32 to 44 or 46. As the waist is empire, it looks good on all body types. In addition, you will have total freedom, because it is multiposition. Extra advice: if you like any of the dresses in this article, you only have to click on the photo and you will go directly to the file.

2. Graduation dresses: Do not feel disguised

With your graduation dress you have to feel like you are. First of all, feeling authentic is essential (in everything you do in life!). That's why a convertible dress is perfect: you can tie it in a thousand different ways until you find the one that best suits your body, your style and your wonderful way of being.

Multiposition: scheme

3. Your opinion, above all

Let yourself be advised, of course. If you come to the Atelier , ask for an appointment and appear accompanied by your mother, your older sister, your aunt… But, in the end, finding the graduation dress is the ideal moment to decide for the first time how you want to see yourself and how you want to feel that day. .

4. Graduation dress: long or short?

As I said before, the ideal is that you choose how to go, without pressure, feeling yourself. But I want to explain what it means to wear a longer or shorter dress, because everything has its meaning and more in a formal event. The short graduation dress is more youthful and more informal. On the other hand, a long graduation dress is more elegant. Imagine that day and how you want to feel.

green party dress

How to go dressed to a graduation

I would love to show you the best prom dresses . Why do I say they are the best? Because they are the ones I see that girls like you like the most and I think they can help you decide.

Some of the girls opt for a wine dress or maroon for your graduation. They find that it is elegant but without the need to go to black, which is the classic choice. This option with metallic straps fascinates me. The best? You can wear this model on other occasions, you just have to change the way you tie the straps. Think that with a Mimètik you also have a perfect piece as a wardrobe background. Every time you have a party or an event, you can wear it and feel wonderful.

Metallic wine long model

As summer approaches, other girls opt for a short dress in a vibrant color, such as this coral. As for colors, always think about what color you like the most or, better, what shade suits you best. Also think about whether you have been able to sunbathe this spring and what color your hair is.

graduation dress

This option in moles is very popular. Combine the elegance of a long dress with the festive air of moles. It's half price, because it's a Limited Edition and we're not going to do more. If you want more options in moles but you prefer something short, don't miss the ones we have in the Sales section.

Multiposition polka dot dress

If you want something that is short but elegant at the same time, consider this dress with lace sleeves . As in the previous case, it is also reduced to 50%.

Lace sleeves model

Graduation Dresses Barcelona

If you have time and you don't dare to buy online, you can visit us so we can show you the color palette and our convertible dresses. Of course, I want you to be super calm if you buy online: we have more than 10 years of experience in online sales (it's nothing new due to the pandemic!). We will guide you through the entire process and we respond within 24 hours to both the e-mail hello@mimetikbcn.com and on Instagram.