Maternity party dresses: feel comfortable and beautiful

A few years ago, it was hard to find a maternity party or everyday dress that was really pretty to wear. Loose clothing was very common to hide a tummy... As if it were something that had to be hidden! Fortunately, times have changed and pregnant women can now show off their bodies with pride and feel beautiful.

Maternity party dresses: comfortable and beautiful

I have been pregnant twice, with my treasures Arlet and Bruna, and I imagine what you are looking for: to be comfortable and beautiful. With a Mimètik you will have both. The fabric is flexible and very fresh and adapts to different body types, so you can wear your Mimètik as a maternity dress both in the first trimester and with a more advanced pregnancy. In addition, it is an empire cut , the best for pregnant women .

Party dress for pregnant

Maternity party dresses with straps

This option is the best for pregnant women: our Gala model. The straps are long and can be tied in a thousand different ways. Each time you will have a different dress, so if you are a pregnant wedding guest and you have different events in the same year, you can look beautiful with the same Mimètik. Now with a halter neck , now a Greek style , now with a crossover back , now with an open back … Versatility to power!

Greek style dress for pregnant women

party maternity dress

Have you already been a mother and are you breastfeeding? The Gala dress is still your great ally. This dress is perfect for breastfeeding . In this case, versatility does not play in favor of having a thousand dresses but of your comfort to breastfeed your baby. The straps gather the chest perfectly and can be easily removed when you need it.

Long maternity dress

Wedding guest maternity dress, long or short?

I love when I see pregnant women showing off their bellies in a short dress. Above all, if they are in the first trimester, and they combine it with esparto wedges. In addition, if the dress is not excessively elegant, it can be used at any time and they are ideal to be cool in summer.

Short maternity dress

But it may be that you are looking for a long, gala model. In fact, the long dress is perfect to go flat, since the shoes are less visible. Thus, you can go with sneakers or ballerinas and not show them if you do not want to. Although to me, the long dress and sneakers combination seems super rock and total.

Maternity wedding dresses: summer or winter?

You have a Mimètik for each season of the year. If you are going to be invited to a spring or summer wedding, your ideal option is the Gala dress. On the other hand, if the wedding is in autumn or winter, you cannot miss our Frida model. It is an equally comfortable maternity party dress and the waist is also empire. The difference? Three quarter sleeve. That way you won't be cold at all.

Long sleeve maternity dress

Maternity dresses, for now and for later

I have saved the best for last: you will be able to use your Mimètik when you are no longer pregnant. Yes Yes. A Mimètik will be a super wardrobe essential: it will be worth it for any time of your pregnancy, it can accompany you during breastfeeding... and it will continue to be by your side when you have an event , wedding , or party .