New looks for bohemian brides! (II): two-piece wedding dress, the separates to power

At last! I am very happy to be able to show you this part of the new collection: the two-piece wedding dress . In this post here I already presented you the first part of the new bridal collection with snowflake tulle and the Marie dress , and today I complete it with this second installment. Also, this part is important to me because, together with our super photographer Verónica Hansen , we took the photos that illustrate this post in a beautiful outdoor session on the Montjuïc mountain , in Barcelona. You know that I am a huge fan of nature, and of my city, that is why it was a super special experience to be able to see my dresses in such a beautiful environment. wedding dress two pieces rustic wedding

About the two piece wedding dress

What better for a different wedding than an alternative wedding dress? The separates or two-piece wedding dresses are hitting it super hard. I know because the models that I show you in this post have been part of the exclusive offer of my bridal atelier in Barcelona for a few weeks now , and I assure you that they are having a lot of success. You will see yourself with these magical photos that are ideal for a hippie bride with a beautiful country wedding or for a boho bride with a vintage wedding.

Marie Top + Tulle Bridal Skirt

If you follow me, you will know that we already talked about the Marie dress in this post, but I love being able to say that we also have the option of this model in two pieces: The Top Marie with a wedding skirt. If you are looking for a minimalist two-piece wedding dress, this is undoubtedly your ideal option. With the Top Marie and the Essential wedding skirt you will create a total minimal look. And if you want something more elaborate, you can do as in these photos and play with lace and tulle. You will still have a simple but super elegant wedding dress at the same time. simple two piece wedding dress two piece lace wedding dress In these photos, you can see the combination of a Marie top lined with ivory lace and a Bridal Skirt with silky ivory tulle . Personally, I'm a big fan of mixing materials, so this is one of my favorite romantic two-piece wedding dresses. In addition, this type of dress gives you a lot of freedom and versatility when creating your wedding dress. You can choose models, materials and even the way to wear it. In this session we have emphasized the two-piece effect showing the belly, but this is something optional, if you feel more comfortable with more coverage, you will only have to raise the skirt a little and you will be fabulous! romantic wedding dress two pieces

Crop top + Bridal tulle skirt: the Jane dress

Without a doubt, if there is a separate star of this new two-piece wedding dress collection, it is our crop top. It is an ideal and super delicate top with ruffle sleeves. This is the favorite of our brides in the bridal atelier in Barcelona . It is the best for your hippie wedding and perfect if you want to create a super modern two-piece effect. By the way, we have called this new model Jane , after the writer Jane Austen. You know that I like that our models bear the name of important women in history, and in this case it has been in the field of literature.

Crop top in plumeti: for the funniest

The best thing about the Crop top is that you can also choose the material you want, so it's super customizable. Among the tulles, one of my favorites is the Plumeti Tulle Crop top . The little polka dots are super fine and fun at the same time. They are ideal for brides with a cheerful character, and they give a super lively touch to your two-piece wedding dress. two piece tulle wedding dress Mimetik Wedding Dress 2019 178 tulle bridal skirt In the case of these photos, we have combined the Crop top in Plumeti tulle with the Marie essential top and the Wedding skirt with Ivory Tulle . With this total tulle look you will have a super pretty romantic dress effect, ideal for fairytale weddings ( the fairytale you decide! ) . two piece tulle wedding dress

Lace crop top: freshness and elegance

As you can see, the Ivory Lace Crop Top is also a very vintage and rustic two-piece wedding dress option. You know that I am in love with lace, so it is impossible for me to resist this combination. The sensation of the lace with the skin , that neckline in the back , seems to me something precious. As you will see in the photos, you just have to add some aged gold bracelets and some flowers as accessories, and look at some of the boho chic hairstyles that I explain in this post and you will get a total bohemian bridal look. lace top for bride lace bridal crop top two piece bohemian wedding dress In these beautiful and perfect photos as inspiration for one of the country weddings, you can see the combination of the Ivory Lace Crop Top , an Ivory Tube Top and the Ivory Silky Tulle Bridal Skirt . Doesn't it give you a feeling of enormous peace? I think it's a relaxed and stylish look at the same time. The softness of the tulle and the body of the lace is a combination that always works. By the way, if you want some inspiration to have a beautiful country wedding, you can read one of our latest Authentic Weddings . It is the one of Maria and Bernat , and you will see the spectacular colors that the cereal field where they celebrated the ceremony gives it. nova romantic two piece dress

Different brides: add a special touch to your wedding dress

You already know that I love different and original brides, so I am a huge fan of when you add a special touch to your wedding dress. A two-piece wedding dress is the perfect occasion to add that detail that defines your personality and way of being. In this photo session we also decided to bet on alternative brides, so we thought it would be a great idea to add... a denim jacket! Yes, although in reality we haven't invented much, because some of our Mimètik brides have beaten us to it because they already wore a denim jacket to their wedding! And it is that our brides set trends ♥ alternative wedding dress wedding dress denim jacket Both with the Top Marie in Ivory Lace and the Crop Top in Plumeti tulle I think it looks great. It brings a lot of personality to the two-piece wedding dress and creates a super special look. Are you also thinking of adding an "unconventional" element to your wedding dress? Tell me! I will love to read you! Texan jacket and tulle wedding dress

In love with the two-piece effect!

It is clear that the type of two-piece wedding dress is here to stay . It is a super modern and current style, which does not lose elegance, but gains in freshness. I personally love it and it is ideal for relaxed summer or spring weddings. bohemian strapless wedding dress original romantic wedding dress I love these designs very much. I think they are spectacular two-piece wedding dresses, with a new style but that goes very well and that reflects the spirit of Mimètik. I hope you have loved this part of the new collection as much as I have! ♥ A huge hug, Signature-email-marketing-Mireia-300x88