What to say at a wedding if you have to give a speech

Congratulations! Your best friend, or brother, or whoever, is getting married! You are a very special person for the bride and groom, so who better than you to give a speech on their wedding day? What a lot of boyfriends don't know, or do know but stick with it, is that they're putting you in big trouble. As I know that, although for some it is a great honor, for others it is a great fear, today I will give you some advice on what to say at a romantic wedding if you have to give the speech. But first I need you to relax: it's going to be fine and you're going to create great memories of that happy day.

How should your speech be at a wedding?

Obviously, we understand boyfriends. Who doesn't want a special someone to give a speech on the most important day of their life? So, for the love you have for that person, you get down to work to make a nice speech . But how do you do it? emotional, fun, formal? Well, it depends on the type of ceremony, the bride and groom, and, above all, your personality. If you are a person who always makes you laugh, you already know what boyfriends expect of you. Also, keep the audience in mind. You don't want to spill intimate details about the couple, or their youthful follies, in front of their parents or children. To know what to say at a wedding, write down everything you know about them, what you like about their relationship, the anecdotes you share, etc. in a notebook or on paper. I recommend that you start on a physical paper ; I am in favor of the fact that creativity flows much better this way. From there, you can create a page full of notes and links about them to write a speech that is not generic, but special for the couple. And yes, do not leave it for the last moment. Start writing as soon as you get the news. That way you won't have to make a quick, bad speech the day before the wedding. You will be able to think about what you write a couple of times, and maybe one day, at any moment, a great idea will come to you that you can include in your speech. Things with time and love turn out better, you'll see.

What to say at a wedding

Of course, there are some clichés that always work. If you do not know very well how to start, I advise you on some topics that you can adapt so that they are made to measure.

How the bride and groom complement each other and have changed for the better

If you know the bride and groom before they were a couple, you can talk about how they fell in love. You can also comment on how they have changed thanks to their relationship. If one is a relative of yours and you met him before he had a partner, it is also something that can work for you. Describe how they were before falling in love and how now they are better people and complement each other. An example would be to say that now one is more mature thanks to the other, or that thanks to his partner all laziness and bad habits have been removed and now he is a more active person. Any change, variation or new forms that you have seen in the way of being of either of the two can be something to highlight.

Talk about what they mean to you

Of course, you have to talk about what they are to you. If they are your friends, saying that now they are like family is an ideal option if you feel that way, you know: friends are the family that one chooses. If they are family, explain how they affect your life and how you appreciate their support: you can highlight what it has meant to you during these years before your new life, how it has influenced you and show your gratitude. I recommend that you also talk about how you will always be there for them, just as they are for you.

Anecdotes, stories and adventures

In a speech, you cannot miss the anecdotes that you have lived together. These stories are one of thebest parts of a wedding . It is precious to share among all these experiences that have marked the lives of some of those present. It can be a very joyful moment and, at the same time, emotional. Of course, be careful as long as it is not a compromising experience (do not count the mess that the bride caused one day in a store, nor the teenage drunkenness of the groom). I assure you that the lucky couple will be much calmer and they will thank you a lot. Telling the beautiful things, the other guests will know what you have lived together and will be moved. And if the anecdote is funny, you will surely get some laughs, something that is always appreciated on days as long as weddings. [caption id="attachment_9014" align="aligncenter" width="1000"] wedding speech what to say at a wedding Talk about what they are to you.[/caption] So you know, if they've chosen you, it's because they care about you. Therefore, it shows the boyfriends that they are also important to you . Whatever your speech, tell them how you feel about them. I assure you that they will greatly appreciate all the special details that you contribute to the speech. And, whatever you say, if they have chosen you it is because they love you as you are, so don't feel any pressure beyond the nerves of the spotlight either. I am sure that everything will be great, it will be beautiful and you will know what to say at a wedding . Mireia PS: Last recommendation, don't forget the tissues ;)