New looks for bohemian brides! (I): the snowflake tulle and the Marie dress

I am very excited. Today I am going to show you part of my new collection of bohemian wedding dresses . We've been working on it for a while and I'm happy that you can finally start seeing news. So get ready to see lots of new materials, super cute shapes, and, as always, convertible bohemian wedding dresses that will make you shine ♥. Today in particular I want to introduce you to the snowflake plumeti tulle and my new minimalist Marie wedding dress . Here is a photo of the two together so you can start to get to know them: Gala-Snowflake-Marie

tulle plumeti snowflake

I must confess that this is my favorite tulle so far. It is a large dot plumeti tulle with fringes , which I think gives character and presence to the dress. It is ideal for a dress for daring brides or an unconventional wedding dress and, of course, it is perfect for a bohemian wedding dress . Tul-plumetti-flecos See how this large polka dot plumeti tulle looks in our also new Frida Illusion dress. It's whole! I love the contrast between the short underneath and the length of the overcoat. It makes a super feminine effect, don't you think? Vestido-novia-corto-largo-tul Vestido-novia-tul-corto-largo-tul Also, being a furry tulle , it is an ideal dress for bohemian winter weddings , judge for yourself! If you choose our Frida Vintage for your winter boho wedding, in addition to being gorgeous, you will be super warm! Vestido-novia-invierno-tul Vestido-novia-manga-larga Or if you just prefer a wedding dress with a touch of personality , without overloading it too much, you can always choose to put the tulle in only one of the two parts: lower, as in our Gala Rustic , or upper, as in our Frida Cozy . I remind you that I recently wrote a post ( and made a video! ) on How to choose your ideal wedding dress , which I think will be of great help to you to get the dress that best suits your style. ♥ Vestido-novia-bohemia-tul Vestido-bohemio-boda-invierno

The minimalist Marie dress

Well, and if the snowflake tulle seems ideal to me, the Marie dress seems to me to be a delight! It is a fine and delicate wedding dress. You can use it both as a base wedding dress to put on layers of tulle and lace, or as a minimalist wedding dress for discreet ceremonies . Vestido-novia-minimalista Vestido-minimalista-novia-sencillo And, as a good bohemian wedding dress , we also have the Marie dress in champagne color, as you will see in the photos. It is a perfect dress if you are a super natural bride. You will be very elegant, you will go with a minimal wedding dress, on trend, and in a beige color, which will give you a more vintage look . It is so elegant and simple at the same time ! Also, you won't have to worry about see-through, because the dress is fully lined, both in ivory and champagne, so you'll be super comfortable :) Vestido-novia-minimalista-champagne vestido minimalista-simple-champagne

In love with the two novelties!

The truth is that these two novelties are super well combined with each other, don't you think? With both the Frida and Gala overdress models, the plumeti snowflake tulle and the Marie flared wedding dress are total! Also, as always, our wedding dresses have the peculiarity that they are convertible and will allow you to change your style whenever you want. Can you imagine showing up with a different look after dinner? Your guests will be super surprised! Vestido-de-novia-de-tul-con-mangas Vestido-novia-bohemia-nueva-colección Also, I don't know if you've noticed, but if your thing is a dress to show the back , the Marie dress is ideal for you. With or without an overdress you can wear a spectacular back neckline . Bolero-tul-peludo-novia-bohemia Another option that I propose is to complement the snowflake tulle bolero and the Marie with our silky ivory tulle skirt . The movement of silk tulle is intoxicating. I assure you that you will have a total look and that you will be beautiful ♥ Vestido-vintage-novia-bohemia-tul-snowflake Vestido-novia-tul-peludo I hope you have felt inspired by this post, which is also ideal for winter brides ♥. Don't forget that I have many more news to tell you, so subscribe to the newsletter so you don't miss a thing! Psst! Do you want to have more inspiration for your winter wedding ? Check out this post I wrote about winter brides! A big hug, Mireia-Solsona