perfect wedding invitations - tips and tricks

It is clear that all the details of your wedding are super important and need to be treated with care so that your wedding is perfect and totally to your liking. One of the aspects to which you have to pay close attention, although it may not seem like it, is wedding invitations. Although I am sure that you know your guests very well, if you are thinking of having a wedding with many people, it is possible that you invite people with whom you have not had a very close relationship for a while. Be sure to confirm beforehand whether or not they currently have a partner (and their name), or if they've moved in case you want to mail them the address. Wedding invitations are the letter of introduction of the event , and it is the ideal moment to give clues to the guests about the style of the celebration. It is also the best way to convey your personality. They can be personalized with something very your own, or in various styles, such as vintage style , elegant, etc. We can hire a specialized company or make them ourselves. Another matter is the sending of wedding invitations: do you want to be the bride and groom who deliver them by hand? are they sent by mail? Or via the internet? Can family or friends deliver them? I will try to help you with all these doubts:

Information that wedding invitations must contain:

  1. Names of the bride and groom (depending on the style of your invitation you can put the last name or not)
  2. The date of the celebration
  3. The time of the ceremony*
  4. The place of the ceremony*
  5. Your contact telephone numbers (so they can confirm)

*If you feel like it or if you want to highlight it, you can also put the time and place where the banquet will be If it is not easy to access the place, I recommend that you include a small map , such as orientation or "how to get there", or you can even add the GPS coordinates of the site. You can take the opportunity to add other types of information that may be relevant to your guests. For example, you can specify the dress code of the wedding: if it is black tie, formal, semi-formal, if there are specific wedding colors or if it is going to be about a special theme. You know, if you are going to have a Star Wars themed wedding or if you would like to maintain a visual aesthetic of pastel colors, this is the ideal time to announce it. In addition, there are other aspects that you would like to make clear, such as if pets are accepted (oh yeah!) or if you prefer that small children not go. Each couple should be able to decide on their special day, although I recommend that you do not put many limitations, everything is better with more freedom! A detail that can go very well at an organizational and practical level is to include your bank account number in the invitation. In the past, the great tradition was to give gifts that would help you start a life as a couple in a new home, but nowadays the most common thing is that you already live as a couple before the wedding. For this reason, more and more grooms choose not to make a wedding list and prefer financial aid. Still, there are people who may feel offended by this detail, I'm sure you know your guests well, so you yourselves will know what to do. If you have family or friends who come from abroad, putting an extra card with hotel addresses, contact numbers and other aspects of interest can be a good way to help and collaborate so that attending your special day is easier . One piece of advice: if you think that most of the guests are going to have to travel, it might be a good idea to consider having the ceremony directly in a hotel (or very close to it), to avoid difficult journeys.

Tips for wedding invitation recipients

My recommendation is that, whenever you have the possibility, you deliver the invitations by hand . Announcing someone that you are getting married can be a super emotional moment that you will always remember. But if for some reason there is no possibility of being able to do it by hand, you will always have the option of sending it by post. In this case, you will have to decide if you want the invitation to arrive as a surprise or not to its recipient. If you prefer to be the ones to communicate it, you can always make a previous call to give the good news. As a tip I will tell you that it is a good idea to also have a version of the digital invitation. This way there is no danger that your guests will lose the physical invitation and they will have all the data available in the cloud and accessible from anywhere. At the end of the post I give you some more suggestions on the subject of invitations and the internet. You may have chosen to have bridesmaids or groomsmen at your wedding. In this case, I think the most appropriate thing would be for you to do something special for them. If your bridesmaids are going to be friends of yours, perhaps you can all meet together for tea or a few beers and tell them the good news, or if they are going to be family members, perhaps you prefer to do it in the middle of a family reunion in style. I recommend that you send the wedding invitations at least 3 months before the event, so that all the guests can organize themselves and do not overlap with other commitments. Think that a wedding is something that also involves many things for the guests, such as organizing their agenda, thinking about the dress they will wear to your celebration, the theme of the gift and even looking for accommodation and transportation if they come from abroad. It is also important that you can organize yourselves, so I recommend that you set a deadline (one month before the wedding more or less) so that they can confirm their attendance. Think that you need an exact number for matters such as catering or banquet seating. If you would like to have more controlled timings, I recommend that you look at my article on how to do a different wedding that I wrote recently. In it you will be able to have an overview of everything that needs to be prepared for a wedding, and if you download the Wedding Plan document that I have prepared for you, I assure you that you will be able to say goodbye to the stress of preparation time. There you will see in detail when I recommend that you have each aspect of your day ready.

Type of Wedding Invitations

Depending on the type of wedding you are going to celebrate, you will have a lot of different types or templates of wedding invitations . Here are some to inspire you.

Sophisticated or elegant wedding invitation

Elegant Wedding Invitation by Etsy Shop Wunderpapier Elegant Wedding Invitation by Etsy Shop Wunderpapier If you would like to have sophisticated and elegant wedding invitations , the first thing they should convey to you is quality and something well done. The composition of the invitation must be clear, and with decorations that accompany the feeling of being in front of something exclusive. As I told you before, an invitation is the first glimpse that the guests have of a wedding, and that will begin to guide them on what attitude to take regarding this celebration. The colors that I recommend you use are gold, silver or white. It must be something elegant and that does not convey a feeling of being overwhelmed . In the case of an invitation of this style, as far as the technical aspect of the invitation is concerned, I would recommend that you choose a paper with a good grammage. I also recommend calligraphies such as Parisienne, Scheherazade or Italianno, but anyone who gives a good feeling and create the effect "wow" I assure you that they will work. If you want your invitation to be more formal, you can add nomenclature such as SRC (“confirmation requested”) or RSVP (“Répondez s'il vous plaît”; “Please reply” in French). This will be your ideal invitation style if... yours is a large more formal celebration or on large estates, and even for religious ceremonies. If the latter is your case, you can also add “Dm” (“God willing”) to the invitation.

Vintage or bohemian wedding invitation

Bohemian or vintage wedding invitation Bohemian Wedding Invitation by Etsy Shop LoveofCreating Vintage or bohemian wedding invitations are hands down my favorite. As you already know, Mimètik's bohemian wedding dresses are designed for bohemian brides , so if you are one of them, this is your ideal invitation, without a doubt. It is time to advance all the romanticism and vintage decoration that you will want to see at your wedding. The invitations will have a natural shape with a certain air of aging, total! For bohemian invitations there is something that cannot be missing: flowers. They give it a precious touch and I assure you that you will love it. The colors that I recommend for this case are shades of bone, beige, ocher, pink, and pastel colors in general . Together with a good design and composition, they will create a spectacular ensemble. For the material I recommend that you use Kraft paper or similar in light colors; they will give your invitation a total rustic air . You can also add decorations made of other materials, such as tulle or lace. The way of presenting the invitation can give you a lot of play: inside an envelope and tied with a string, in the form of a parchment... you can play a lot with the packaging and create something super personal. For fonts, rely mainly on styles such as handwritten. My recommendations are Before the rain, Motherline vintage font or Southampton typeface. This will be your ideal style of invitation if... you have in mind an outdoor celebration, on the beach or in a farmhouse or vintage farmhouses. It will certainly help the guests to fully locate themselves.

minimal wedding invitation

simple wedding invitation Minimal Wedding Invitation by Etsy Shop - Kelsiewolfeydesigns

Minimal wedding invitations for simple weddings are also a great idea that is becoming more and more successful. I know this because we recently launched our Marie wedding dress, a simple and elegant wedding dress, and it has had an amazing response. For the design of this invitation you must base yourself on the mythical "Less is more" of the architect Mies Van Der Rohe. What will work best is a clean composition, with little decoration and that gives the information in a direct way. This does not mean that it is a bland invitation, far from it! There's a lot of work coming up with designs like these. The key is knowing how to choose colors, fonts and how you combine them in general. I recommend that you do not use many colors . Black or gray on a white background will work for sure. You can put some small detail in color if you want to highlight something. As for the typography, choose a simple letter for the information. You can always use a more distinct font for something like your names, but most text should be written as simply as possible. Some fonts you can use for inspiration are Raleway, Junction or Extravaganzza. This will be your ideal style of invitation if... you want your wedding to be something intimate and without too much frills. If you are going to get married civilly in a court in a small ceremony or if you are going to celebrate it in a retro industrial warehouse decorated in a minimal way for the occasion, this is undoubtedly your ideal invitation.

Other Resources for Designing Wedding Invitations

Now that you know what you want for your wedding, all you need to do is carry it out. On the internet you will find a lot of tutorials and wedding invitation templates that will help you create the ones that best suit your personality and the idea you have about your special day. Remember that you have the option of hiring a company to do it or, if you are like me and you love the handmade world , you can do it yourself. Ask friends and family for help, and you can use the excuse of invitations to have a good time together. Last tip! If you are thinking of creating an internet website for your wedding, it can be a great opportunity to have an electronic invitation that you can consult at any time. And if you think that the budget is not enough to be able to give all the invitations in physical format, this will help you so that everyone can find out. This is also a great alternative so that your family and friends who live far away can be well informed. I hope I have been able to help you clear up a little more all these unknowns that surround your special day. Cheer up! I am sure that you will be able to capture your essence in the best possible way in these letters of introduction that are the invitations. A big hug, Mira