How to organize a dream hippie chic wedding

Are you looking for a celebration with a vintage air or according to the style of the 60s? What you are looking for is an outdoor hippie wedding to be in contact with nature and that represents your free and independent spirit. I tell you all the tricks so you can enjoy a fun and magical celebration, peace and love !

Choose a hippy chic dress

The balance between elegance and a natural touch is essential in a hippie wedding dress . Romantic airs stand out with flowing and loose dresses, made with volatile fabrics such as tulle or lace. Combine the dress with comfortable sandals or even go barefoot. I take this opportunity to tell you a little secret, since I am talking about footwear: we are preparing a collection of beautiful footwear with esparto wedges. Super hippie and bohemian.
At Mimètik we are specialized in bohemian, vintage wedding dresses with a boho chic touch for unconventional girls. The natural style has to stand out, you can opt for long dresses or combine a skirt with a lace top, like this beautiful Jane . The result will be the most original, you will exude a special shine that reflects the free soul that you are.

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A matching hairstyle

Hippie brides love natural hairstyles . Wavy hair, slightly disheveled and blowing in the wind. If you prefer a hairstyle that remains casual, but with a special touch, such as a tousled braid adorned with small flowers. If you love this type of hairstyle, we have an article dedicated to braids , take a look for inspiration.
Another option is a semi-updo decorated with a fun flower crown. What is clear is that you should stay away from loaded hairstyles, especially if you are used to wearing your hair down and natural.

Hippie wedding on the beach or in the countryside?

Let nature become an essential element in your wedding decoration. Nothing more affordable than that, right? Mountains, oceans and eternal beaches are a wonderful setting for an alternative wedding. And so are the fantastic gardens, forests and parks.
boda hippy
If you are a lover of the sea, opt for a hippie wedding on the beach . Getting married with the sound of the waves in the background and having that landscape throughout the celebration will recharge you with good vibes. On the other hand, if you are passionate about nature, choose a wedding in the countryside, asMaria and Bernat did . You can even tell your guests to go barefoot, perfect to fully connect with the energy of the place. Both spaces are ideal for a hippy chic wedding.

The ideal decoration for a hippie wedding

Different weddings in a unique place and in the middle of nature deserve a unique decoration inspired by the 60's. Decorative elements play an essential role in achieving a hippie theme.
Round tables decorated with elegant crockery where guests can eat in peace? No way! The key in a hippie themed wedding is that the guests can interact with each other, not the traditional tables and seats arranged in advance for each guest. If you prefer you can opt for imperial tables.
Use colored glassware, wooden furniture, natural flowers (daisies can not be missing), feathers and handmade decorative elements that provide the classic hippy handcrafted touch. If you want to find inspiration you can put “hippie wedding ideas” on Pinterest, you will surely find magical options impossible to imagine.

Photographs and videos to remember

Hiring a photographer who has experience in original and fun weddings is a success, since he is capable of capturing the essence of free couples . The photographs and videos for weddings with this theme must be able to reflect the naturalness of this great day, make sure you have a professional who shares your lifestyle.
For example, you cannot miss the style of Antibisual or ELM Murcia , two photographers who know how to perfectly capture your most authentic personality.
One of the funniest ideas is to set up a small stand with hippie accessories and place a polaroid camera so that guests can take photos to immortalize the moment. Add a natural wooden box so they can leave the photos, it will be a special memory.

Catering: opt for food stations

The best option is to place food stations, both hot and cold dishes, sweet tables and a cocktail minibar. It is perfect for everyone to enjoy food at the pace they want and to interact without convention.
You can opt for international food, bet on a Mediterranean diet or even a fast-food menu in the eighties food trucks with explosive flavors . Unleash your imagination.

Invitations and different details

The best stationery for a hippie wedding is handmade . Sit back and customize your own invitations and programs. It seems ideal to me to do it this way, but if you are not creative, then you can find artists that transmit that same vibe and that fit with that welcoming spirit.
You can inspire your stationery in a tribute to nature, use watercolors and a more unique text that is far from conventional. These are ways to transform tradition into something more bohemian. Don't forget to use recycled paper.
The details for the guests can be handmade bracelets or necklaces, by you or by a local artist. Another idea is to give away some natural or local product, preserved flowers, even a donation for an animal association.

Now you know the best tricks on how to organize a hippie wedding . If you dream of a dreamy chic wedding dress that is in tune with your 60s-inspired wedding, at Mimètik we make it come true. We are specialized in dresses for different brides, with our bridal atelier in Barcelona we help you to wear a bohemian-inspired hippie dress.