Strong women who inspire me: Marie Curie

Some time ago I wrote a post about Frida Kahlo . In it I explain that I like to honor strong and relevant women in history by putting their names on my designs . It seems to me an act of sisterhood and connection with the female gender.

In those days, I was just going to take out my Frida model , which has accompanied so many Mimètik Brides since then. I recently released a new bridal collection , so another model joined Mimètik. When I was in the design phase, I was beginning to think about what name I could give this dress. It was something simple and more sober than my other models, and super elegant at the same time . So I started thinking about fields in which women were most undervalued, and although this is sadly still prevalent today in most disciplines, I think that women scientists are the most unknown . And there it was clear to me: my new wedding dress would be called Marie in honor of Marie Curie , a pioneering and unique scientist in her time.

marie curie marie dress mimetik

Marie Curie was born as Maria Skłodowska on a day like today in 1867 in Poland, during the Russian occupation, and had to go to study in France, because in her country women were not allowed to reach certain levels of education . That never made him forget his roots, he always knew where he came from and his culture was always very present in his family. She was a woman driven by the desire to know more , and to discover what others believed impossible. Motivated from the first moment by her desire to learn , she did not let any injustice stop her brilliant career as a scientist . It is precisely her tenacity that I like the most about her. She did not let anyone decide for her for the simple fact of being a woman. He was in control of his destiny , both personal and professional, throughout his life.

marie curie marie dress mimetik

Marie Curie was a true pioneer in her field . She fought to carve out a future for herself and be able to study as a woman. In fact, she managed to enter the Sorbonne University and graduated in Physics as the first of her promotion and in Mathematics as the second. Some time later, she received the Nobel Prize in Physics together with her husband and another great scientist, thus becoming the first woman in history to do so . But Marie's milestones did not end there, as she was also appointed the first woman Professor at the Sorbonne University in Paris . Marie was not satisfied with her curiosity, and continued to investigate, until she discovered that radiotherapy could be a treatment for cancer. So only 5 years after winning her Nobel Prize in Physics, Marie won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry , this time alone. This is how Marie became not only the first woman to win two of these prestigious awards, but also the first person in history to do so . Currently, more than 100 years later, only 3 more people have achieved this recognition.

marie curie marie dress mimetik

Marie Curie was a totally inspiring person , focused on her work and her struggle for self-recognition, without the unfair interference of retrograde ideologies. In his conversations and explanations, he left some really motivating phrases. I would love nothing more than for today's girls to be encouraged to become future researchers like Marie if that is what they dream of.

"There is nothing to fear in life, you just have to understand."

"Life does not deserve to worry so much."

“You should be less curious about people and more about ideas.”

“Science is done by people, wherever, in an attic, when they have the investigative genius, and not by laboratories, no matter how rich they are built and equipped.”

And to finish, one of his reflections that has touched my soul the most :

"Life is not easy for any of us. But… Who cares! You have to persevere and, above all, have confidence in yourself. You have to feel gifted to do something and that thing has to be achieved, whatever it takes.”

marie curie marie dress mimetik simple wedding dress

I hope that the story of this curious and innovative woman has been as interesting and inspiring to you as it was to me.

A hug,