Accessories for the groom: in detail

Accessories for the groom are the best way to show your personality in a more or less discreet way, depending on your taste. Some time ago I wrote a post about the different groom suits , because there are many Mimètik brides who ask us for advice on the suit of your partner. Today I extend those tips talking about the possible accessories for the groom: from bow ties to vests, passing through hats. I hope you feel inspired!

tie or bow tie

Whichever style you choose, chances are you'll need some of the groom's neck accessories, whether it's a tie or a bow tie. Although it may not seem like it, this is a detail that can make a difference to the look: all eyes will go there .

Think for example of a black groom suit with a black tie. Doesn't have the same effect as a black suit with a red tie, does it? Accessories for the groom such as a tie or bow tie is a great opportunity to give a touch of personality , the important thing is to look good! And if choosing between a tie or a bow tie is a dilemma because you like both, there is always the option of changing in the middle of the ceremony , it will completely renew the look!
If you want more advice on whether to wear a tie or a bow tie for the big day, in the post that I mentioned at the beginning you will find a small guide that will help in the choice. Although I already warned you that the groom should wear what he most wants and with what he feels best ♥

modern groom accessories
Justine + Seth
rustic groom accessories
Mary + July | Photo: Ana Chafer Photography


Shoes are one of the accessories for the groom in which you must be very sure. All wedding suits are more or less comfortable, but the shoes can be the difference between holding up well all day and regretting that decision two hours later.

At Mimètik we have seen all kinds of bridal shoes: wedges, impossible heels, ballet flats, and even sneakers! Well, with the groom's shoes it's the same. Italian shoes are not going to be the best option because they are more elegant: if the groom is not used to this type of footwear, he will not be comfortable all day. Once again: you have to be authentic and dress as you feel.

formal groom accessories
Sarah + Jesus | Photo: Carles Mascaró

Essential touches: Watch, cufflinks and boutonnières

Although the tie, the bow tie and the shoes are the most basic accessories for the groom, there are other elements such as the watch, the cufflinks and the buttonholes that will give the final touch to a total look.


If you gave your partner a watch during the proposal, this is the best time for them to put it on. A watch can bring a touch of sobriety and elegance, so if this is what the groom is looking for on his day, I totally recommend it!


It is one of my favorite accessories for the groom. I think it is a great opportunity to give a special point to the look. Twins from Star Wars? Of course! Or maybe you prefer something more sentimental and choose the same twins your father married. As I was saying: personality, attitude.


Also known as "Prendido", it is the bouquet that is placed on the groom's (and best man's) lapel and that normally goes together with the bride's bouquet. It gives a very cool touch of color to the groom's suit and makes it go more in harmony and together with the bride.

Nuria + Raul


Although it would not be considered one of the groom's accessories as such, vests can also express personality and originality on the big day. More and more grooms are opting for rustic weddings that do not require a blazer. This is the great moment to be seen with a vest with character that defines you.

Ingrid + Xavi


More and more grooms have funny or different socks among their accessories for the groom . Colored, patterned, checkered socks... I assure you that they give a totally renewed air, and create a fun contrast with the formality of most weddings.

erin's wedding


Of the accessories for the groom, this is perhaps the most differential of all. The hats on the bride and groom are a declaration of intent. Whether for formal weddings with top hats, or for rustic weddings with berets, I think it's a great way to mark style. Risky boyfriends are the funniest and most daring!

Drita + Lolo | Photo: Mariemarryme


Another of the accessories for the groom that is becoming more and more fashionable are the suspenders. It is a “ must ” for modern grooms . In this way you can have a distinguished and differentiated look but without the formality and sobriety of a traditional blazer. The husbands of our Mimètik brides are super fans of this option!

Lola + Farru

In short, a special detail

To finish, I simply want to recommend that the important thing is to feel yourself that day. And if there is any type of accessory that has something to do with the bond of the couple, it will be a total success that the groom considers it for that special day. For example, this is the case of one of the couples at our Royal Weddings, Ana and Rait (click to read their story). Ana is from Portugal, where there is a great tradition of working with cork. That is why Rait decided to wear suspenders and a bow tie made of this material, as a symbol. Ana, for her part, wore a diadem with Estonian motifs, also in honor of Rait's roots. Beautiful! ♥

Ana + Rait | Photo: Photowall

I hope it has been helpful for you.

A hug,