Tips to make your country wedding perfect

Everyone wants their wedding to be perfect and to remain in their memories and those of their guests for a lifetime. The options are endless: weddings in different seasons, in wedding halls, hotels, farms, etc. However, there is an option that many times people overlook… Country weddings.

Have you thought about celebrating your wedding in a rural house, a farmhouse or a specialized campsite? Is there no country place that is special to you ? For example, the childhood village farm, a place with memories of a special trip, etc. So I'm going to give you some tips to make your wedding in the countryside unforgettable.

If you want to see an example of a country wedding , I recommend thestory of Maria and Bernat and their beautiful country wedding . I'm sure you'll love it ♥

What do I have to take into account to celebrate a country wedding

First of all, choose the site. The field offers very original options. It can be in a place where they offer wedding services. For example, a rural house with a lot of space, rural hotels or even farmhouses . Visit the sites that you like the most, compare the services they offer (ceremony, catering, rooms for guests, etc.) and decide on the one that gives you the best vibes. After all, it is where your wedding will take place.

If, on the other hand, you want to celebrate your wedding in the middle of the countryside , in a forest, or in general, in a non-specialized place, make sure you ask the corresponding town hall for permission . Also, check that the site is suitable for bringing your guests and setting up all the decorations. No need to spoil the environment .

Once you decide on the site, it's time to think about the decoration. It is best to keep it simple and let the setting be the theme of your wedding. You can add some lights on the trees if the wedding is going to last until dark. Adding lights on the ground, on the edges of the paths is also a very original idea. However, you can always choose a more ornate style if the wedding is themed. A “country” or “medieval” wedding in the countryside can be a lot of fun .

Finally, you can not forget about the guests. Not everyone likes a rural setting, so you want to make sure they're as comfortable as possible. Country weddings are not intended for a large number of guests, as they will likely have to travel and sleep on site. So it is better if the wedding is more intimate and familiar with select guests. Take Ruthie and Rory's beautiful country wedding as an example. If you want to know more about them, you can read their story here .

country wedding

Off-road dresses for a country wedding

At a country wedding, I don't recommend that you ask your guests to dress in black tie or very very formal. The best thing is that all the clothes are simple and comfortable , but of course, without leaving aside the sophistication, elegance and personality of each one.

Regarding the wedding dress for a country wedding, as with the guests, I recommend that it be comfortable. Think on stage and visualize yourself in a super tight dress with a big train. Doesn't work, does it? I assure you that you will appreciate being comfortable if your wedding is in the countryside. In addition, also consider the option of making it short. This will help you preserve its status, since by not dragging on the ground, it will take less damage. Although if what you want is to look like a forest fairy and you prefer to sacrifice the hem of your dress, I recommend some of our floaty dresses that will help you create this magical atmosphere. For example, our Regarding colors, I recommend that you take advantage of the shades offered by the field , since it will be the perfect time for tan and beige colors .

Country wedding - off-road wedding dresses

I hope you have felt inspired. I would love to see your photos of your wedding in the countryside , so if you choose a Mimètik for this great day, do not hesitate to send them to us at to be the next Royal Bride of our blog ♥

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