My first post: About Mimètik Bcn and me

I think I've started writing this post about two hundred times. And I just don't feel comfortable explaining in writing who I am or what I do. And look, short distances are my forte. I do very well live! I guess it's also a matter of practice; at school I was always punished for talking. But I want to introduce myself. I will explain to you about Mimètik Bcn, why I have spent eight years dedicating myself to the most beautiful thing in the world, to making my passion my job and why I left the world of architecture to dedicate myself to sustainable fashion . I have to start by thanking my parents, who from a very young age took me to travel the world. They have made me addicted to travel. I have taken advantage of any occasion to escape to meet cultures, people and ways of understanding life. When I was in India in 2003, it was a culture shock. In addition to the architecture, the colors, the smells and its people, I fell in love with the sari, the 6 meters of fabric that wraps the body to create different styles. Even my sister and I bought one! about-my-mireia-solsona-mimetik-bcn-textiles about-my-mireia-solsona-mimetik-bcn From then on, I began to notice the traditional clothes of all the countries I traveled to. I noticed that they were all made with very geometric patterns, convertibles and one size fits all. In this way they serve for everyone, for pregnant women and for those who are not, for ups and downs; and for many different occasions. That is, they serve all women regardless of their constitution. In Thailand they have the Thai pants, made with two squares of cloth, in Greece they have the toga , a piece of cloth that, through different knots, becomes different pieces of clothing. In Indonesia they have the sarong , a fabric that serves as both a skirt and pants. And so we could go through different countries. I thought it would be a good way to go back to basics. To fight against hyper consumerism. To highlight the femininity of each woman. And so Mimètik Bcn was born. I worked a lot, a lot. During my final degree project and later, combining my work as an architect with the creation of my clothing brand. Until I bet it all on my dream. It had to go well. It would be fine. Today, after eight years and 10,000 clients from all over the world, they certify that this has been the case. about-my-mireia-solsona-mimetik-bcn-bicycle So, if you don't know me, this is a presentation letter, and a post of deep gratitude if you have been one of the women who has trusted me from the beginning. Thanks with all my heart, Signature-Mireia It is always difficult to define yourself as a person and professional, that is why I think it is better that you read what they say about me if you want to know me a little more. If you want to be part of this community, I invite you to leave me your email. I will send you two emails a month, no more, believe me, the invasion of my email bothers me as much as it does you.