How to look perfect in your wedding photos, by Veronica Hansen

Do not pose in front of the camera. I'm horribly embarrassed and feel pretty ridiculous. And I know I'm not the only one. If you are like me, you are in good hands. The hands of my friend and brilliant wedding photographer, Veronica Hansen , who today gives us some tricks to be the most authentic, romantic, bohemian and beautiful brides in the world. I guess you want to be one of them, right? I'll leave you with her... Hi Mireia! Thanks for inviting me to share some tips today! :-D Hope I can help! When I have a couple session and I see that the couple are nervous and uncomfortable in front of the camera, I empathize a lot. I think that, with the exception of George Clooney, no one feels natural with a lens pointed at their face and a photographer asking them, "now......get rommmmmmantic!" It's very strange, really. But with that said, I'm a big advocate of people taking photos with their significant other. And I'm not saying this just to pay for a house on the Costa Brava! ;-) Seriously, I think there is nothing more beautiful than celebrating through photography how much you love another person. When I see the emotion and chemistry that exists between a couple, and then manage to transform these candid moments into artistic photos, I am the happiest photographer in the world. They are completely personalized memories of your relationship that you will have forever. In my experience working with couples, I give you these three super tips to get great photos :
  • Let go : I understand that it is strange that a person looks at you while you cuddle for hours. But if you put aside your embarrassment for a day, much more natural and romantic photos will come out. Think that it only seems strange to you in your head . For the photographer and for the public, it is the most beautiful thing in the world to see you happy and in love.
  • Ask your photographer for advice on how to pose your body : there are posing rules that seem very strange when you do them, but thanks to them the body and the face look much better in the photos. For example, I always hate photos where my arms are squashed against my body because I look like 'Veronica la Jamonera.' Talk to your photographer about how to position your body and face in the way that works best for you.
  • Dress and makeup : Before choosing the outfits for the shoot, I always advise my clients to think that they will be looking at these photos for many years to come. Therefore, avoid clothes that are too modern , and opt for classic and elegant clothes. The best thing is to choose a dress that every time you put it on you think: "My goodness, I'm gorgeous!" And when it comes to makeup, you will always need to wear a little more than you think . The camera is a bit like theater: it needs more exaggeration. I always advise that you hire a professional to do your makeup and hair. Granted, it will cost you more money, but you will have more confidence throughout the session, and this is priceless.
Wedding-photography-Barcelona-veronica-hansen-Mimetik-Bcn-light Apart from the previous advice, the final result will depend a lot on the photographer you choose. Take a good look at the style of their photo sessions and see what emotions the couple transmits . Do they seem comfortable and relaxed? Does it seem like they were having a good time during the session? Beyond being technically good, I think half of a photographer's job is psychological. You want your photographer to be someone who can relax you and make you feel comfortable throughout the process. For me, the most important thing about a session is that my clients feel beautiful, safe and relaxed. If I get this, I know there will be great photos. There is a basic theme and my favorite, light! I 'm a fan of light , so get ready! Wedding-photography-Barcelona-veronica-hansen-Mimetik-Bcn-landscape The best daylight is two to three hours after sunrise and two to three hours before sunset. It's usually best to shoot in the evening when the light is softer, so you don't have to get up with the roosters! By the way, very important: avoid doing the photo session at noon, because the light is very harsh and your features are not flattering. Another thing I recommend is that you plan a schedule with your photographer, because depending on where you go, the light will not be the same . For example, if you take the photos in Parc Güell, you have to bear in mind that the sun sets there an hour earlier than any other point in the city, due to the position and height of the park. Or in the Gothic Quarter you have to consider that direct light only enters during certain hours because the buildings are tall and tight. So every location has its best light moment, and your photographer should take this into account when planning the shoot! Wedding-photography-Barcelona-veronica-hansen-Mimetik-Bcn-parc-guell Regarding the scenarios to choose for a wedding photo session, I think there should be a harmony between your wishes and the style of your photographer . That is to say, my style of photography fits better in romantic exteriors with nature and colors. Therefore, I love going to forests, meadows and parks, the coast and the beach, old neighborhoods, small towns, etc. But a couple may want to do a very modern shoot with some emphasis on the architecture and its lines. Therefore, it is probably preferable for this couple to choose a photographer with a suitable eye for architecture. Wedding-photography-Barcelona-veronica-hansen-Mimetik-Bcn-sol Wedding-photography-Barcelona-veronica-hansen-Mimetik-Bcn-horta Wedding-photography-Barcelona-veronica-hansen-Mimetik-Bcn-beach Apart from this, I think that the places you choose are always more special when they have meaning for you . For example, I recently did a shoot with a couple in San Francisco, and one of the places we visited was the restaurant where they had their first date. <3 <3<3 In fact, we took photos at the very table they sat at a few years ago! Hehehehe… Of course, these types of places evoke happiness and then it shows in the photos. And to finish, an original photo with the wedding guests. I love it when guests spontaneously laugh and have a good time while taking photos, not just standing still and looking at the camera. My favorite photo of all the guest photos I've taken in my life is this Photographer-Wedding-Barcelona-Veronica-Hansen-mimetik-bcn-family It was an Irish wedding on the Costa Brava. In this photo, all those who appear are brothers, 9 brothers! (of course, Catholics). And they told me they wanted a photo of all of them together. So I had them climb this little hill in front of the tree, knowing that the climb would spark laughter and fellowship among them. I love the photo that came out, partly because of the diffused light, but mostly because I managed to make them look very natural, and not at all rigid or forced. Wow, I think that Veronica has given us many tips to have beautiful photos, according to our aesthetics and that will last as a memory for a lifetime. Thank you very much, Vera! I hope I have made you see the importance of planning your photo session. I'd love to read your comments, thanks for being here with me <3 A hug, Signature-Mireia