My new bridal collection TEN 2017

After months of hard work from the whole team and my recent motherhood, today I am excited to present you my TEN 2017 bridal collection . I am super happy because it is a very important moment for me, after months of inspiration, sketches, patterns and searching for fabrics, I can finally show you the result . mimetik-wedding-dress-gold This collection is very special to me, that's why I wanted to name it TEN. It is collection number 10, which is the number of collections that I have launched with my Mimètik Bcn brand, and I was very excited that it would be reflected. mimetik-wedding-dress-plumeti You will see that the new dresses are made with a wide variety of fabrics , such as silk tulle, plumeti and Swiss tulle, without neglecting my beloved lace. And many different shades that will allow you to create your own wedding dress. mimetik-wedding-dress-neckline-back-wedding When designing this new bridal collection, TEN wanted the dresses to adapt even more to you, to be completely versatile. That is why you can choose all the pieces of the dress separately, made to measure and with the fabric that you like the most. So you can combine them as you want and take advantage of them after the wedding . This is great because since you'll look super pretty in your dress, you'll want to wear it more often, you'll see! mimetik-wedding-dress-long-sleeves-bohemian-dress And you already know that if you prefer to come and meet us at the showroom and try on the dresses , we will be happy to assist you! You just have to make an appointment by sending an email to and we will answer you as soon as possible with your appointment. mimetik-wedding-dress-long-sleeves A huge hug and I hope you like the new bridal collection ! Mireia