The secret to finding your perfect wedding dress for your rustic wedding

Do you feel a bit overwhelmed trying to find the perfect wedding dress ? Sometimes it is difficult to find the dress that best defines you, the one that shows your authenticity and makes you highlight your beauty. But don't worry, I want to share with you my secret to find your perfect wedding dress with which you will feel super comfortable. mimetik-wedding-dress-gold Currently there are many different types of weddings, in fact, there are as many weddings as there are couples in the world, don't you think? Today we are no longer governed by the classic canons to organize our wedding. I am sure that you are thinking of a wedding with your personal, natural style, with handmade details for your big day, wild floral decorations and a bohemian style . In short, you imagine a wedding that represents you and your partner just as you are. No formalities. mimetik-wedding-dress I imagine that you have realized that all this magnificent scenario that you have been imagining for a long time has nothing to do with most wedding dresses. In fact, seeing the dresses that are out there, so serious and with such high prices, that you are considering choosing a dress that is not a wedding dress. It seems that everything that has the word wedding has to cost three times more for the simple fact that you are getting married. It's crazy, if you just want to be radiant and happy on your wedding day and run away from the princess bride that everyone seems to like! mimetik-wedding-dress-long-sleeves-bohemian-dress mimetik-wedding-dress-lace-wedding It is normal that you feel little attracted by this type of wedding dresses. They are dresses that neither represent you nor your way of being , nor do they have anything to do with the wedding you are considering. A rigid dress with which you need your best friend to go to the bathroom? Noway! mimetik-wedding-dress-plumeti I have it very clear, the secret to finding your perfect wedding dress is to find a dress that is authentic like you. That you feel relaxed and natural with him. That will make you authentic in your personality and will make you highlight your natural beauty . Follow your personal style and it will make you feel completely undressed on your wedding day. On the contrary, when you find your wedding dress (they say that the crush is instant), you will want to wear it every day! I think that the ideal is to find a dress that suits your style and that makes you highlight your beauty and naturalness . And that you define a wedding style in the same way, so that everything is aligned. mimetik-wedding-dress-long-sleeves The secret is in consistency . Following your style on your wedding day is the key, trying to look like someone else will make people not recognize you. And, in the end, your wedding day is the celebration of love , right? And what is more authentic than love? My best advice to you, relax and be as natural as possible. It is the day of your life in which you will be surrounded by more people who adore you and who want to see you happy, so give them your best smile. mimetik-wedding-dress-neckline-back-wedding I wish you a brilliant day, I'm sure it will be <3 If you want to receive the advice of authentic brides and know the tricks they used to organize their weddings , register using the button below. You will receive a surprise gift and I will be delighted to accompany you in these exciting days of preparations. Here is the button. mimetik-wedding-dress-long-sleeves Rustic wedding dress with plumeti beige tulle - Frida Bohemian €735.00
This is a bohemian, convertible and versatile wedding dress , with a bodice with three-quarter sleeves and an overskirt of soft dotted tulle . You can wear the neckline in front or with a low back, crossed or knotted, making it possible to find your own style, the one that best suits your personality and makes you feel comfortable on your big day.
Wedding-dress-long-sleeves-lace-pink-Mimetik Wedding dress with nude pink lace bodice- Frida Romantic €445.00
This is a romantic and versatile wedding dress with a rose quartz lace bodice and three-quarter sleeves . You can wear the neckline in front or with a low back , crossed or knotted, showing your personality on your wedding day.
A big hug! Mireia