Charming weddings: bohemian winter brides inspiration and more

Charming weddings: bohemian winter brides inspiration and more

As you know, I am a big fan of charming weddings. I like to think that in each wedding a little bit of the personality and character of the lucky couple is transported. And I can't imagine anything more special than charming winter-inspired weddings. Today I present to you a super special shooting that reflects all this. In this post from a while ago, I introduced you to some winter bridal inspiration. In it I tell you that winter weddings are a great idea for several reasons. The first is that they allow you to cut a lot of expenses, by not being in the high season of brides. Although if you want to know more tricks to save on your wedding, I recommend that you read this post , in which I explain a lot of tricks to help your pocket. charming weddings winter inspiration As I was saying, for me, winter weddings are, above all, charming weddings . You create a beautiful and unique atmosphere, which totally differentiates you from most weddings. It is a beautiful way to mark your personality on such an important day.

The organization

Some time ago, Cristina from “ Lo Nuestro? A crush! ” He suggested that I collaborate on a shooting they were preparing with the inspiration of a bohemian winter bride. And you can not imagine how beautiful the photos have been. So first of all I want to thank Cristina and her team for all the organization and design of this session that I present to you today. organize charming weddings

The localization

The session took place at Masia Can Colomer , a beautiful place in the middle of the mountain. It is a super rustic and idyllic environment, so if charming weddings are your thing, this setting is a great candidate. Later I will make a post about precisely places to celebrate weddings with charm, so if you are looking for inspiration, do not hesitate to subscribe ! charming wedding venue

Wedding dress

And for charming weddings, nothing better than charming wedding dresses. On this occasion, we chose a piece wedding dress, our Frida Marie Bohemian . This is a very special combination, as it is made up of a Marie top , an essential skirt , a snowflake tulle bolero and an accessory tulle skirt . bohemian winter wedding dress As you can see, it is a beautiful and super bohemian dress with which you will feel yourself. It is the ideal combination to be beautiful and comfortable at the same time on your big day. The tulle skirt adds a super romantic presence to the dress, and the snowflake tulle gives it a touch of personality, in conjunction with this charming wedding. In addition, it is an ideal dress for winter brides . tulle bohemian dress

The shoes (the slippers!)

This photo has me in love. And the fact is that I couldn't like more original brides with unique touches, like these beautiful personalized shoes from Dekozapas . This is what I call looking pretty without giving up comfort and practicality one bit. They are beautiful! And unique ♥ And if your wedding is in winter, you'll also be warmer! original bridal shoes

The bride's bouquet and accessories

Every bride is always accompanied by her bridal bouquet. In fact, I am working on a post on this specific topic in which I will tell you tips from a professional in the sector. If you don't want to miss it, you know, subscribe here ! In this case, the bouquet, the bride's headdress and the groom's pin were provided by My Rustic Event . Flowers are a very important element in charming weddings, and they knew how to perfectly capture the essence of a bohemian winter bride in the form of a preserved flower. polka dot wedding dress

makeup and hairdressing

With regard to makeup and hairdressing, MagMap and Maria Garcia Perruquers were in charge, respectively. The truth is that you know that I am in favor of brides with loose hair and something tousled, but if you follow us on Instagram you will know that lately we have done some tutorials of low bows and bohemian braids, and every day I am more in love with this type of updo, in harmony with charming weddings. different bohemian wedding dress

The boyfriend

The other protagonist of the day is the groom, who must also shine with his own light. In this case, the ones in charge of his suit were Dao's Suits . If you are getting married and need inspiration, I recently wrote a post about what to know when choosing the groom's suit , where I explain tips and tell you more about the types of groom's suits. bohemian wedding groom

photos and video

Before continuing with the decoration of the rest of the session, I want to give a special thanks to the two fantastic photographers who have managed to capture so well the essence of this charming wedding session. They are Silvia Tayan Photography and Marta from Acontrallum . They have been able to transmit and teleport us all to that session through their photos. mountain wedding dress original tulle wedding dress And that's not all, but there was also a videographer in the session, Lluis Claret , who summed up this beautiful shooting in just over a minute. [video width="1920" height="1080" mp4=""][/video]

The decoration

For the decoration of the wedding, Wood Moments provided some beautiful giant wooden letters that gave a rustic touch to the day. I think that this type of decoration is ideal for charming weddings, they give it personality and luminosity! Also, whether your wedding is outdoors or indoors (like, for example, in winter) they will give more presence to the ceremony and the celebration. charming wedding decoration As far as the floral design is concerned, Camí de roses worked its magic and filled everything with flowers and petals, which not because it is winter has to be something sad and dull. Laia Brunet was in charge of the whole issue of stationery and sitting, ideal. These are the kind of charming wedding elements that I love ♥ romantic wedding decoration


When it is said that the difference is in the details, it is precisely the DimeKeSi wedding rings and the Wood Moments wedding ring carrier that I was referred to. They make a perfect union between the rustic and the modern, without forgetting the original and creative. The details are what is most remembered about charming weddings, it is what makes them so, believe me. original ring holder

The sweets

The most successful part of weddings, without a doubt! In the session they were able to enjoy the art of La Petite Galette at the controls of sweets and pastries. Charming weddings are also formed in bites! rustic wedding sweet table

the kitchenware

Last but not least, I want you to see the beautiful tableware that Abanik Rent & Events proposed for the shooting. In coppery tones, it is ideal for weddings with charm and bohemian inspiration. It seems to me that the work they do at Abanik is essential for the body of a wedding. In the end, where you will spend the most time, it will surely be eating! In fact, we already collaborated previously in another session, on that occasion about autumn weddings. So you're thinking of getting married around that time, I recommend you check it out . rustic wedding cutlery

So far the inspiration for charming weddings

This has been it! Many thanks to all the people who have participated to make this session possible ♥ And you, have you been inspired by charming weddings? Are you a winter bride? As you can see, getting married in winter or simply considering the wedding in another way can have a very special result. Do you want to know how to organize a different wedding? In this post I guide you step by step. I hope you have your ideal wedding, and I would love to be part of your story. bohemian wedding dress charming weddings A hug, Signature-email-marketing-Mireia-300x88