How to organize a unique indie wedding

The indie emerged to get away from the popular, why not break the rules and find your own to enjoy a unique wedding?
If you have a free and independent spirit and you want your wedding to be completely unconventional, you may not know it yet, but what you need is to organize an indie wedding . Different wedding dress, natural hairstyle, indie music and that every detail bears your own personal stamp. Dare yourself!

What is an indie wedding?

The indie wedding is all about having the freedom to do what you want. This movement emerged in the 80s, a trend that sought to move away from the most popular and fashionable.
In fact, the word indie means "independent", people who seek to break the rules and bet on the freedom of each one to have their own, feel identified with this trend.
Indie weddings are becoming more and more frequent. If you want to get out of the mold and get away from a traditional celebration, you have to get on this original movement. Bet on an independent , different, creative wedding and above all, that perfectly represents your tastes and lifestyle.

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Tips for preparing an indie wedding

Organizing an independent indie-style wedding is easier than you think. You set the rules, so it's time to design them. These basic tips will help you know where to start preparing it. Take note:

Comfortable dress and suit

The bride's dress should prioritize comfort and have a striking point with a peculiar design. In short, a suit suitable only for brides with a different personality .
In the indie wedding you can choose the dress as you want, remember that you set the rules. Choose a long bohemian dress, a short dress with vintage airs, even a two-piece wedding dress , with a long skirt and a crop top.
For shoes, combine with heels, Converse, wedges or even barefoot if it's on the beach or in nature. Feel free to wear a natural hairstyle, you can combine it with a flower crown for a romantic touch.
The boys opt for a casual style, suspenders, bow ties, long hair in the wind or even some special accessory, such as a hat.

Place of the link and the ceremony

To choose the place of the link and the ceremony you can exploit all your creativity. Say goodbye to traditional marquees or halls, if you are a nature lover, you can celebrate your wedding in a natural place , such as a beach or a garden.
organize indie wedding
But the limit is in your imagination. You can choose an abandoned factory, an old movie theater, a hermitage on cliffs or even an old lighthouse.

Decoration and ritual

DIY decoration triumphs in indie style weddings . Original details, such as typewriters or vintage bicycles, in addition, you can not miss the tables and chairs made of aged wood.
The hippie decorations with an ethnic air are also a success. Place loungers and cushions on the floor to create a chill out area where guests can relax during the party.
Organize an original photocall, a large board for guests to write phrases next to the photos that have been taken, even some fun games to liven up the celebration.

different wedding menu

At this point, you are not expecting a traditional banquet with the menu of a lifetime, right? In this type of wedding, a formal banquet with all the guests seated is practically impossible.
Dare with foodtrucks with original stalls , it is one of the best options of the moment. Another original wedding menu is to choose a catering with different dishes. The key is to have a banquet where all the guests can interact with each other and feel the freedom to go where they want.

Music: Indie, of course

What list of songs for indie weddings come to mind? You want the music that plays to be unique, after all, it is something that you will never forget, since it will be the soundtrack of your wedding.
Dare with indie songs for the entrance of the banquet, even an indie waltz if you want to dance together before the party begins. Organize a different list, away from the most popular songs of the moment.
Now that you have in your possession the best tricks on how to organize a unique indie wedding , it's time to take advantage of them. You are clear that you do not want the typical traditional celebration, what are you waiting for to start designing your own rules for the big day?
Look for indie songs, design the decoration and how the banquet will be, and of course, find the indie wedding dress of your dreams. At Mimétik we are specialized in dresses for creative and different brides, with our bridal atelier in Barcelona , ​​we help you find the unique style you are looking for. Skip the rules, we design the suit that will take you away from conventions.