Wedding with pets: include your best friend

Yes! Some time ago I told you that I was preparing a post on how to organize a wedding with pets . The truth is that I really wanted to tell you a little more about this, since including your best friend on such a special day seems like a precise gesture.

In this post, I will tell you tips on how to have a wedding with pets, whether you can include them on the day of the ceremony or if they cannot attend, but you want to keep them in mind. You will also see some ideas and examples through our Mimètik brides, who are great animal lovers and including them in their day is increasingly common. As you know, I am a great animal lover, and the "mom" of a beautiful labrador named Pluto, so I want to dedicate this post to him ♥

dog wedding
Pluto ♥

If it is a wedding with pets…

If yours is a wedding with pets that can attend in person , great! You have a lot of possibilities to be able to enjoy their company during that big day, and even make them have a prominent role. There are also some things that you have to keep in mind for your comfort . I tell you everything!

May it be your ring bearer to the altar

This is without a doubt the grand entrance that every wedding with pets must have . That your pet wears the rings to the altar is a precious gesture and gives you the opportunity to give it the importance it deserves. Normally, it is dogs like Mònica and Óscar's, Mel, who carry out this task, but you are free to do it with any of your pets that can be good at it! Isn't she cute with her ring holder around her neck? ♥

Wedding with a dog in the mountains
Monica + Oscar | Photo: Airada Audiovisuals

dress her appropriately

If your pet is going to be actively involved in your pet wedding, it's a great idea to get them a proper outfit ! Of course, the issue of comfort is a whole world in pets, so make sure to put a simple detail instead of a full dress, since that could affect their comfort and mobility . For example, elegant bow ties or collars like the one Kara puts on her dog will be enough and will make them not be noticed by strangers.

dogs at weddings
Kara + Austin | Photo: Lauren Love

Count on her in your photo report

If you're planning on doing a photo shoot on the big day, it might be a good idea to have your pet participate in this part of the ceremony if the others aren't up for it . For example, Meghan opted to do a little reportage with her falcon. great ♥

Megan + Matt | Photo: Corynn Fowler

Considerations for your wedding with pets

Surely you really want to be able to include your pet in your wedding, but a wedding with pets also entails a series of conditions and special care to pay attention to.

Hire a caregiver

Consider hiring a sitter for your pet wedding. Neither you, nor your partner, nor probably your guests can be aware of the care of your best animal friend. And it's normal. That day is your time to enjoy, and you may not be able to give your pet the best at all times . That is why it is highly recommended that someone specialized in its care take care of it so that it does not lack anything.

Autumn Weddings | Photo: Say Cute

Have a conditioned area

If you are thinking of having a wedding with pets, it is preferable that yours be an outdoor wedding . In this way, it will be easier to prepare an area so that your pet is comfortable and can rest without nerves or too many people around. Also, if you're like Helen and have a horse or donkey at your wedding, this will also make things easier.

Animals at wedding
Helen + Victor

Ask about allergies to your guests

Just as the well-being of pets is important, so is that of your guests. That is why it is preferable that you ask for possible allergies before preparing your wedding with pets. We don't want anyone to be upset :)

A feline family ;)

If your pet cannot go to the wedding and you want it to be present…

I am sure you would love to have a pet wedding and be able to physically include your pet, but this is not always possible . It can be a thousand things: logistics, space, problems with the guests, etc. But do not be sad, you can also count on her and have her present in your day even if it is not in person . Here are some ideas!

Make it part of your invitations

When you are designing the invitations for your wedding, a nice detail could be to include your pet in the design. In this way, you will be able to show your love for her to all your guests , and in a permanent way.

wedding invitations with pets
Source: Etsy

Make it your “cake topper”

The "cake topper" or cake decoration is the decoration that is placed on top of the cake. This is a great way to have a personalized cake that speaks to the lucky couple. And it's an opportunity to keep your furry friend in mind on your wedding day.

boras cake topper with dog
A sweet tribute to your pet

Get inspired for your seating plan

You need a seating plan at your wedding, because the guests need to know where they should sit. My advice is that you take advantage of this to do something original that goes with the wedding, and if you had an idea for a wedding with pets, you can decide to include portraits of your pet in the guest lists as decoration .

animal seat planner

Participate in your pre-wedding photos

More and more couples are choosing to have a pre-wedding photo session. In fact, my friend Vero, a photographer, wrote this post a long time ago where she gave you some advice. A great idea is to include your pet in this very special session, so that you can immortalize moments as precious as those ♥

This photo is from a collaboration we did some time with Say Cute, if you want to get inspired about fall weddings , I recommend you take a look !

pre wedding photos with animals
Autumn weddings | Photo: Say Cute


And you? Do you dare to make yours a wedding with pets? Now you have some tips to get it :). I would love for you to tell me any other recommendations, or even send a photo of your pet at your wedding ♥.

wedding with dogs

A big hug,