Autumn weddings, caramel weddings

Increasingly, each wedding is a world . There is no longer an established pattern on how and when a wedding should be, nor does it need to be! I love seeing the different ways in which our Mimètik brides get married, always in authentic weddings with their own style. Later I will tell you more about original and unique weddings , I have a thousand examples that I want to share with you. I'm sure you will feel inspired!


That is why in today's post I bring you inspirations to celebrate your wedding in the fall . Personally, I think that the autumn tone creates a magical atmosphere with a unique atmosphere. You will see that this is reflected in the wonderful photographs that Xènia of Say Cute took in a beautiful photoshoot with caramel tones .


Here I also leave you the star colors of this season . If your autumn wedding has these tones, it will be a guaranteed success! As you can see, the caramel tones will be a success, and the tile color will provide a touch of special color. I'm lovin 'it!


For this inspiring photo shoot, we chose the Frida Bohemian champagne lace dress because it has a vintage and romantic look that evokes weddings from bygone eras. The champagne color of the dress fits perfectly with the warm and toasted tones of this romantic session. And it's so feminine and natural that it highlights personal beauty ... Aiiis how I like it!

wedding-dress-mimetik-lace-champagne bohemian-wedding-dress-flower-bouquet Also, there is something about this session that has me in love. A love that you all already know about me… I am referring to the dog friend that accompanies these photos and fills them with a special joy. What a beauty, please! Thanks also to the protector Galgo Leku , who do an excellent job for the rescue and adoption of greyhounds ♥ dog-greyhound-at-wedding

I also think that the accessories in that tile tone that stands out from the rest are a success, a touch of color that gives it a special character .


In addition, thanks to Abanik , we can also imagine certain ideas for the decoration of the table at the banquet. I love the rustic touch that these colors and materials bring to the event! And what about the copper tone cutlery? In love totally!


And if you are invited to one of these autumnal weddings or would like to include bridesmaids in your celebration, I propose our Mustard Gala , with which you will marry perfectly with the tones of the wedding. Personally, I think it looks super nice with our tulle Bolero with golden polka dots , in case the atmosphere cools down a bit at the end of the afternoon!

dress-mustard-guest-mimetik bridesmaid-yellow-bolero-tulle-gold

I hope you have been inspired! It's cool to get married in the fall , right? And you? Do you have a dog and want it to be a true protagonist also on your super day? Tell me!

fall-wedding-caramel-brown A big hug, mireia-solsona