Last minute wedding dresses

Are you getting married in a month and still don't have your wedding dress? Have you decided to get married in a petit committee plan and without being "wedding, wedding" and in the end you see that you have staged a real wedding (yes, rustic)? Are you looking for a dress for your wedding that is bohemian in style like the space where you will have the party, that is comfortable and that does not cost you a million? Welcome to Mimètik Bcn's home! First of all, calm down! You are not the first to ask me for a wedding dress in a week . I really mean it. I know that all your family is telling you that you should have your dress and they are making you nervous in the bodysuit, but don't worry! They have even made you nervous. You who thought to do something relaxed, in the end you see yourself running at the last minute. No problem! You know that I have had many last-minute brides for various reasons : because they decided to get married a month in advance, because they had problems with another wedding dress, because they did not think it would be a wedding, simply go to sign the papers with the parents and the best friend and it turns out that now there are 50 guests and a weekend ahead in a rural house and of course... it would be very cool to go as a girlfriend. sound like you? Well, you are in the perfect place, if you have a week, you can choose from many of my designs for brides. And the best, they are convertible and super affordable! If you want to see the entire "Last Minute" collection , you just have to visit this link . And of course, if you have 5 weeks, you can choose any of my custom-made bridal designs . If you also want a 10% discount on your dress , you only have to subscribe to my newsletter by clicking on the following button. A big hug, Mira mimetik-perfect-wedding-dressgala-essential-off-white-tulle-skirt wedding-dress-last-minute-romantic-gala-essential-skirt-lace-pink-quartzboho-wedding-dress-last-minute-frida-essential-tulle-skirt-ecru