Ultraviolet: the color for this year's weddings

ultraviolet palette

We use colors for many things. To send messages, because they make us feel good, because they remind us of something... This 2018, the chosen color has been Ultraviolet , a violet that reminds us of meditation, culture, the universe... and feminism and women's empowerment!

Personally, I believe in equality between men and women and I am very angry at the injustices that women still experience in all parts of the world. So I love the choice of Ultraviolet as color of the year ♥


Today I wanted to share with you a selection of Mimètik Bcn dresses that you can use to dress your bridesmaids at your wedding. Personally, I think that the Ultraviolet color is a very good choice, as it reminds us of the cause that has started around the world for gender equality, which should be alive day after day. If I were to get married this year, I would definitely choose Ultraviolet for my bridesmaids, I think it's a beautiful color. I hope you like my selection! In addition, and for the first time, I also show you a novelty : our Rich Lilac color, which I hope you love as much as I do!

By the way! I have saved you a little surprise for the end of the post ;)

If what you are looking for is the quintessential convertible dress, our Gala…

I present to you our new color, Rich Lilac . It's halfway between Lavender and Ultraviolet, so it's ideal if you want to achieve a gradient or color scale effect with your bridesmaids. It will give a super cool touch to your wedding! Mimetik-Rich-Lilac Rich-Lilac-Dress An option that I love is to combine two shades of purple in the same dress. It is a super original option to go as a guest at a wedding or even for your bridesmaids. It is beautiful that all the girls wear these two tones but with the upper part of the dress in different positions . The disorder within the order, you know? vestido-dos-tonos-dama-de-honor Two-Toned-Bridesmaid-Lilac-Dress And, of course, it is also fabulous for a rustic wedding , playing with a wide variety of purple tones : violet, lilac, lavender... The same as I told you before with the Rich Lilac . If you add a tulle or lace accessory to your bridesmaids, the effect will be impressive. A super organic and bohemian image, with beautiful tones. ultraviolet-bridesmaids You know that I have a great weakness for lace . So my recommendation is that you add a lace accessory to your long dress, you will give it a super sophisticated boho touch ! Here you can see our ultraviolet and orchid dress models, with champagne and black lace . I love these details! Vestido-color-Berenjena Vestido-orquídea-con-enacaje Mommies -to-be can also go with the Ultraviolet palette , of course! With our Gala dress they will feel super comfortable, and when they have their baby they can continue wearing this wonderful and versatile convertible dress . It is super comfortable, it does not mark anything and you feel radiant with it after giving birth, I tell you from experience! Vestido-Maternity-color-vino Vestido-Vino-Embarazada If your wedding is in summer or during the day , perhaps you want your bridesmaids to wear shorts. I think our lavender dress is perfect for boho and romantic environments . Even if you want to give a distinctive feature to your main bridesmaid, for example, you can add a black lace skirt to give it another special touch. vestido-corto-lavanda vestido-lila-encaje

If the sleeves are more for you, but you want to be able to play with your dress, our Frida…

The Frida dress gives you the option of being able to wear it with or without sleeves , so it is a great option to change into in the middle of the ceremony or the party, in case it cools down or you feel like radically changing your look. vestido-vino-convertible vestido-corto-mangas-convertible As I told you before, whenever I can, I add lace to any look, I love it. I think the Frida is the ideal dress to add a complement to this material. It gives a very special and very elegant feminine touch . Here you can see our Frida wine with black lace and also with the complement of the shawl in champagne color . bolero-encaje-negro vestido-encaje-negro vestido-encaje-vino vestido-encaje-champagne You know that for me, my motherhood was a before and after in my life. My pregnancy was a super happy moment, because I knew I was about to meet my daughter. I knew it would be the dream of my life. That's why I didn't want to miss out on the occasion and asked my friend Veronica Hansen to do a pregnant photo shoot for me. And of course, I chose the wine-colored Frida dress, which is the one that suits me best! Here I leave you a photo where it is clear how much fun we had in the photo session. vestido-vino-embarazada-mireia-solsona

If you want something more exclusive, our Arlet…

And what about dazzling with this piece of short-long dress ? The Arlet dress moves in a spectacular way when you walk, both on its own or if you prefer to add a touch of lace . This is our favorite orchid dress , hands down! You will be spectacular. vestido-corto-largo-orquídea vestido-corto-largo-orquídea vestido-asimétrico-encaje vestido-asimétrico-encaje What do you think? Have you seen the variety of lilac, purple, violet, lavender and ultraviolet dresses that we have for your wedding? Without a doubt, it is a super successful color for this 2018. And here is the surprise ! If you decide on any of these colors, you can use the code ULTRAVIOLET on my website and you will get a 10% discount on your dress! A big hug, mireia-solsona