Mimetik Bcn event for brides and sales!

Mimetik Bcn event for brides and sales! | June 19 and July 3

Today I want to tell you something that makes me very excited. We are preparing a special event for the bride and party at Mimètik . Well, there are actually two. And I couldn't be happier. You can now write it down in your diary: on June 19 and July 3 we are waiting for you at Mimètik Bcn. We will be open both days from 11am to 7pm and we are delighted to welcome you to ouratelier for brides in Barcelona !

Mimetik Bcn event for brides - June 19

On June 19 (next week!) there will be a special Mimetik event for brides. You will be able to see live the pieces of the new Mimètik Bcn bridal collection. You can even try on a model! It will be a super special day because we will also have some exclusive discounts that you can only get if you come to the atelier next Wednesday . event mimetik crop top bride I'm sure you'll fall in love with two of my favorite pieces from the new collection as soon as you see them. On the one hand you have thelace crop top , which achieves a super nice and modern two-piece effect . And, on the other, the girls who are already thinking about their winter wedding, will find the snowflake fabric , a beautiful tulle with large polka dots and small fringes. Ideal for brides with a lot of personality . original mimetik event wedding dress

Sale Event - July 3

We are almost in July, which means... sales ! That is why we thought that holding an event, so that you can come to our atelier without the need for an appointment, could be a great idea. I'm sure it will be a great day. You will also be able to see the new party collection, touch the fabrics, feel the nuances... It can also be a great moment for your bridesmaids to choose the dress that will accompany them on your big special day. And you can take your dress home the same day!  mimetik event elegant guest dress Think about it, they are sure to be beautiful with one of our Limited Edition Galas , or yourself at a late-night cocktail . Or perhaps, if you are the guest for a more informal evening event, you will be great with our Gala Short Dotted . blue polka dot dress event mimetik

We will wait for you!

The last time we did an event was the Solidarity Café that we carried out in solidarity for the Magic Line, and the truth is that it was great. So we can't wait to see the reception of these two new events! By the way, if you came to the Solidarity Café or if you have entered our online store , you will see that we have some beautiful Solidarity Bracelets for sale . We donate the profits to the Sant Joan de Déu Foundation and they will also be available at the Mimetik Bcn event that I mention in this post, so don't miss out on yours! Remember:
  • Mimetik Bcn event for brides : June 19
  • Sale event: July 3
  • Hours : 11am-7pm
  • Address : Rambla Catalunya nº 95, 2-2 (Barcelona)
I'm dying to see you! A hug, Signature-email-marketing-Mireia-300x88 ]]>