How to prepare a dream ecological wedding

Say goodbye to the expenses that a traditional wedding can produce. If you are an environmentally conscious couple and want to reduce your impact, there are many things you can do to make your wedding reflect your philosophy and lifestyle.
Discover how to prepare an ecological dream wedding , I'll tell you all the secrets and tricks so you can enjoy your eco-friendly celebration. Taking care of the little details can have a big impact on your big day.

What is an ecological wedding?

An ecological wedding is the same as a traditional wedding, but with the singularity that nothing that is part of the celebration causes any damage to the environment. Its very name indicates it , every detail is prepared being respectful with the environment . From the decoration, the place of the event, the flowers to the utensils.
It is a recent trend, but it is constantly increasing thanks to the fact that more and more couples are aware and have a sustainable lifestyle.

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Ideas to organize a sustainable wedding

Are you looking for ideas for your sustainable wedding and reduce the typical impact of a traditional one? Don't miss out on these sustainable tips and resources. Repeat after me: "Weddings don't have to be such a big waste." We help you make your big day as eco-friendly as possible.


Instead of buying a bunch of new things for decoration, you can buy reused things that add a special character. Think that they will be part of the stage where you will live one of the most important days of your life.
Use recycled materials , wood is usually the most appropriate element for this theme. Add glass jars, scraps of cloth to select the tables, dried flowers, handmade candles, among others.

suits and dresses

Wedding dresses for ecological weddings are an essential part and the options are numerous. You can choose a dress using fabrics from your mother's dress or a special relative, it is a great way to use recycled materials and involve your family in a unique way.
On the other hand, choose a wedding dress with ecological fabrics , such as handmade silks, organic cotton or recycled fabrics. This will allow you to enjoy an original, bohemian and eco-friendly outfit.
However, wearing the dress only once is not in line with the balance of sustainability. A great idea is to reuse it on other occasions, not just wear it on the wedding day. There are Mimètik Brides that have dyed the Marie or Gala dress after the celebration to give their dress a second life. The result is super original!
If you bet on wearing a bolero or shawl, why not use it in more special celebrations? The layered designs of the Mimétiks allow you to wear it in infinite ways thanks to its versatility.
Finally, the bride's bouquet must be with flowers and elements that have not been treated with chemicals or pesticides at any time. In addition, it is advisable to use seasonal flowers.

celebration and banquet

Choose a place for the celebration and banquet that is in contact with nature, be it a beach, garden, field, next to a river or even like this beautiful wedding of Monica and Òscar in the mountains .
And how can you get to the celebration without using a polluting vehicle? Arriving by bicycle is a very original option, it perfectly represents the ecological spirit and you can decorate it with flowers or cheerful colours. Take advantage and shine!
boda eco
The banquet part is also of great importance and having an organic menu is possible. Choose a selection of foods that do not have preservatives or dyes. Even the well-known KM 100 foods, that is, brought from a distance of 100 km or less to avoid great contamination in their transfer.
It is best to opt for a menu made with local products . Another excellent solution is to opt for vegan food. To put the perfect finishing touch, you can donate the leftover food to a soup kitchen in the area.

Invitations and souvenirs/details

Invitations, programs, menus, and thank you cards can quickly add up to a lot of paper.
Think about what you can remove, such as menus to minimize the impact. Place a blackboard or transparent glass to write the program and the menu of the wedding. In addition, you will be able to bring to light your knowledge of lettering . It will be a personalized touch of the most original.
But that doesn't mean you have to get rid of all paper items. Choose to use recycled paper for invitations and essential stationery. Look for companies that prioritize minimizing environmental impact and use eco-friendly printing methods.
The memories that you are going to give to your guests also count. You can opt for souvenirs made from recycled materials , such as natural oils or soaps, decorative plants, seeds for a mini garden, even something edible from local products.
Another very nice detail is to make a donation to an NGO with the money you would spend on souvenirs. Buy a bracelet so that the proceeds go to a cause with which you feel identified.
Now you know the best tricks on how to prepare an ecological dream wedding . Small details count and if you have an ecofriendly lifestyle, your wedding can be too.
If you dream of a wedding dress that is in tune with your sustainable wedding, contact us , we will design a suit that reflects your love for nature. In addition, you receive your Mimètik in a cardboard box, with rustic decoration of lace scraps and a muslin bag that you can reuse to take maximum care of the environment.