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How to be a picture-perfect bride by Veronica Hansen

I don’t know how to pose in front of the camera. I am very embarrassed and I feel a little silly. And I know I’m not the only one.
If you’re like me, you’re in good hands. The hands of my friend and sparkling Barcelona wedding photographer, Veronica Hansen. She will give you some advice to be an authentic, romantic, bohemian, stunning… a picture-perfect bride. I know you want to be one, right? I leave you with her…
Hi Mireia!
Thanks a lot for inviting me to share some tips today! 😀 I hope I can help!
When I’m photographing a portrait session or wedding, I sympathize a lot when I see a nervous couple in front of the camera. Besides George Clooney, NO ONE feels natural with a giant lens in their face and a photographer saying, “And now….Rommmmmantic!!!”
That said, I absolutely love making portraits of couples in love. And I’m not just saying that to pay for a vacation home! 😉
Truly, to me there is nothing more beautiful than celebrating your love for your partner through photography. When I see the passion and chemistry between a couple, and I am then able to transform these feelings into artistic images, I’m the happiest photographer in the world. It’s like we’re creating unique souvenirs about your relationship that you’ll have forever. To me, that’s amazing.
In my experience working with couples, here are my top 3 tips to have amazing photographs that you’ll treasure forever:

    • Go with the flow: I totally understand that it’s super weird to have someone watching you do butterfly kisses with your significant other. Not an everyday situation! But, if you can forget about the awkwardness you might feel, you will have the most amazing, natural, and romantic photographs. Seriously, it’s only weird in your head. For the photographer and any passersbys, it’s the most beautiful thing in the world to see you in love with your partner.


    • Ask for advice on how to pose your body: Your photographer should know what angles and poses look best on your body and face. There are certain posing rules that may seem strange when you do them, but look AMAZING in photographs. Ask your photographer which are right for you. For a personal example, I always keep my arms separated from my torso in photos, because if not, I become. “Veronica, the Bingo-Wing Grandma.”


    • Clothing and makeup: before choosing your clothing for the photo shooting, I always remind my clients that they’ll be looking at these pictures for a loooong time. This is why it’s better to avoid wearing extremely modern clothes and opt for more classic and elegant clothing.

Go for the dress that every time you wear it you think, “Gisele Bundchen is the Poor Man’s Me!!”
As far as makeup is concerned, you always need to wear a littttttle bit more than you think! Being in front of the camera is kind of like being on-stage: the make up needs to be more exaggerated to look right. I always recommend that you hire a professional hair and make up artist. I know, I know, it will cost you more money, but you’ll be more confident during the session, and that’s priceless.
Besides the previous tips, the final ‘look’ of your photography will depend upon the photographer that you chose. Look thoroughly at their photo-session examples and think about what emotions the couple is transmitting through the images. Do they seem comfortable and relaxed? Do they give the sensation that they were having a good time during the session?
For a photographer, even more important than being technically good, you need to be a talented psychologist. You want a photographer who can relax you and make you and your partner feel comfortable during the whole process. For me, the most important aspects of a session are that my clients feel attractive, safe, and relaxed. If I achieve that, I know that the photos will be amazing!
Another super important aspect of your session is the light! (I’m a total light nerd; prepare yourself.)
The best light of the day falls in the 2 to 3 hours after sunrise and the 2 to 3 hours before sunset. Normally, the best time to do a photo session is in the late afternoon with soft golden light, (and that way you don’t have to wake up with the roosters! )
IMPORTANT: whatever you do…DON’T plan your session or even your wedding ceremony for high-noon! In the exact middle of the day, light is very harsh and doesn’t favor anyone!
For all of my sessions, I always make a timeline based on the best lighting in each location. I would definitely ask your photographer to help you with this because depending on where you go, the light can be vastly different.
For instance, if you want to take photos in Park Guell, you have to keep in mind that the sun sets an hour earlier in the park than it does in the city center. You don’t want to get there looking fabulous, hair and make up rockin’, and then realize there’s no light! Or another example, in the Gothic Quarter, the narrow streets with high buildings means there are only a few hours of direct light per day. So, make sure your photographer knows the best light in each location you want to visit!
As far as selecting locations for your session, I think it should be a compromise between your wishes and your photographer’s style. For instance, my photography style is romantic and dreamy, and therefore works better in certain situations than others. For that reason, I love to go to natural wooded areas, fields and parks, beaches and coastlines, little towns, or beautiful old buildings with natural light, etc. But it’s possible that a couple could want a more modern session with an emphasis on architecture. Therefore, they would want to find a photographer that had an eye for those more modern elements and lines, not a gushy-love photographer like me! 😉
Furthermore, I think locations are always more special when they mean something to you. For example, I recently photographed a pre-wedding session in San Francisco. One of the places we visited during the session was the Brunch restaurant where the couple had their very first date.  We even took photos at the same table where they began their relationship years ago! Hehehehe! Those kinds of places will always elicit warm, cozy feeling photos filled with happiness.
For some further advice on how to take great group photos, here’s a little suggestion. Here is my very favorite group-family photo I’ve ever taken during a wedding:
The couple and their families were Irish, but they married in the Costa Brava. In this photo, they are 9 brothers and sisters (Catholics, of course!) They told me that they would love a group photo of all of them together. So I had all 9 of them climb a mini-hill with this beautiful tree in the background. I knew that asking all of them to climb the hill would make them laugh and help each other, creating a relaxed moment. I absolutely love the photo that resulted, partially for the dreamy light, but mostly because I was able to make them relaxed and happy, not rigid or formal.

Wow , I think Veronica has given us many tips to have beautiful pictures in line with our aesthetic and as a memory that will last us a lifetime. Thanks, Vero! I hope I have made see the importance of planning your shoot. I love to read your comments, thanks for being here with me <3.


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