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Ruthie + Rory, a wedding in the vineyard

Ruthie + Rory, a wedding in the vineyard

All pictures by the talented Jenna Saint Martin

Love at first sight
Ruthie and her husband Rory met when she was delivering wine to a restaurant. She moved from Florida to Portland, Oregon, and he had just moved to Portland from his home in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. He was working at a restaurant where a lot of her friends worked. When she was delivering the wine she noticed a tall, handsome man and immediately asked who he was. When a mutual friend introduced them, they felt love at first sight, dream weaver kind of moment. They started talking and hanging out immediately! As they always known each other. This is how True Love looks like.
The proposal
Rory definitely surprised Ruthie, they had never even discussed marriage when he asked her! They were visiting some friends in Hawaii and they had just gone on a catamaran sunset cruise. When they returned to the shore they waded through the ocean in the dark looking up at the stars. Rory said “Ruthie, I have something to ask. Will you marry me?” When she turned around, he was standing in the ocean and had a box on his hand with a ring in it! “You don’t have no idea how appropriate it was that we were standing in the ocean together” says Ruthie <3
Wedding style
Ruthie and Rory wanted a laid back, colorful, dreamy, solstice wedding that embraced who they are. They love the outdoors, their family, food and wine and live music. Needless to say, they had the perfect sized wedding on their friends’ vineyard. Other friends did the catering. The winery she use to work for provided the wine and another friend provided the beer. “It was crazy how many people helped us out! We are incredibly lucky to have the friends that we do.” And I think that, being such a lovely couple, they deserve all this help! Another lovely detail, they had great live music and a blazing bone fire in honor of the summer solstice.
Gustav Klimt paintings inspired the “theme”, the rich colors and the gold. Besides that, they just inspired each other. They kept bouncing ideas back and forth until they came up with something they liked. “It was super easy” Ruthie says.
Favorite details
Ruthie explains me that her favorite detail was the fact that good friends and family helped them to create all of the little details. They made “gypsy curtains“, which were hundreds of strips of fabric tied together that hung behind the band. They made little red and gold tags that hung from wisteria branches inside of the barn. They also made their own photo booth and painted an ocean scene, made rocks from cardboard and painted those, and topped it off with three mermaid fins. People could walk up behind it and take photos like they were sirens out of the sea.
The dress
“I was dreading going wedding dress shopping. I’m not really sure why but as I have gotten older, I feel overwhelmed with all of the options. I decided to click around online before I went out into the world. I was on Etsy just poking around one day and there it was! THE DRESS! It was also love at first sight. I adored the picture of the model looking out on the veranda and I love how simple yet elegant it was. It also reminded me a bit of my mother’s wedding dress. The fabric looked soft and flowing, I just knew it was for me”.
The advice for brides
“My advice to new brides: Have a wedding that represents you and not what other people think a wedding should be. It is your day. Also, don’t go away on you honeymoon immediately. Rory and I rented a big house on the Oregon Coast with our friends and family for three days after the wedding and honestly, that was amazing. We had bonfires every night and cooked together, drank lots of wine and stayed up until wee hours. A wedding flies by so quickly and you don’t get to visit with everyone as much as you’d like. Spend time with your guests after the party is over. Keep the party going and go on your honeymoon a few weeks later”.
Although we have not met in person, after her explanation is as if I knew Ruthie lifetime. I would have loved to see them in their beautiful wedding in a vineyard through a hole. And their and their family’s happiness.
I think you have now tons of ideas for your wedding! Ruthie and Rory were so inspired organizing their wedding.
I want to thank them for sharing with us their inspiring experience and feelings of such a perfect day. And, what is most important from my point of view, they had the wedding that embraced who they are. And this means that everything is perfect. I wish them all the best. And thanks a lot to Jenna Saint Martin from for the lovely pictures.
Sending much love,


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Hi! My name is Mireia, creator of Mimètik Bcn and designer of women’s dresses for bohemian weddings.

8 thoughts on “Ruthie + Rory, a wedding in the vineyard”

  1. Rory is my grandson. This is a beautiful article and deserves to be published in magazines. I was at the wedding and it was the most romantic event I ever
    witnessed. ruthie’s dress was beautiful as was she. Thank you. Judge Joe Reardon (ret)

    1. Joseph, THANK YOU so much for your beautiful message. I could feel how great couple are Rory and Ruthie when they explained me their wedding day. I was very excited and I love how they made their family and friends the big part of the Big Day. Congratulations for having such a lovely family!

  2. Beautiful dress. Beautiful bride. Handsome groom (my grandson. This needs to be published in a romantic magazine. I was at the wedding and it was incredible. It was so beautiful and romantic that I actually cried. Judge Joe Reardon (ret)

    1. Dear Joseph, I can feel all the love shared in Rory and Ruthie’s wedding. It was a super romantic wedding, I’m very happy for all of you. Thanks a lot for your sweet message. Best wishes for all. Mireia

  3. Thank you for sharing this beautiful article! I am one of Rory’s four sisters, and I couldn’t have been more excited for his wedding day! I had the fortune of being one of the first people to see Ruthie in her stunning and elegant dress, and I knew it was perfect! I also got to style her hair for the ceremony, which was a great honor. Their wedding day was one of the happiest days of my life, and I share Rory and Ruthie’s gratitude towards everyone who helped and who shared the magical occasion with us! Thank you so much, Mireia, for your kind and inspirational recap of their amazing wedding day!

    1. Dear Siobhan, I’m very excited with your lovely message! I can imagine how beautiful was being part of Rory and Ruthie’s romantic wedding. It’s so nice that I could feel their love for the nature, family and friends when they were explaining me the wedding. And I live so far from you! I can’t be more happy with this. I’m sure Rory and Ruthie’s wedding will inspire a lot of couples. Thanks for you comment, Siobhan. Sending much love <3

  4. Mireia, I am the mother of the bride. I was so impressed with her wedding dress and touched that it reminded Ruthie of my wedding dress. I cried when I read this article. The dress was beautiful and Ruthie looked stunning. The dress was a perfect fit as well as the man she married. Thank you for contributing to Ruthie’s and Rory’s celebration of their life together!

    1. Dear Lorraine, Thank you so much for your sweet words. I’m really grateful Ruthie decided to wear one of my designs for her Big Day and I could contribute in some way. I’m really excited you love the dress, I also think Ruthie was stunning. I think Ruthie and Rory make a perfect match! Thanks again for the warmth of your words. I wish you all the best <3 Love

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