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Maria + Bernat, a rustic wedding in the countryside

There are times when simplicity can be the key to everything. And this is precisely the case of Maria and Bernat’s rustic wedding in the countryside. Their wedding has reminded me of my architecture studies, when the professors told us about ornament in aesthetic class. “The ornament has died”, as Adolf Loos predicted, or the famous motto of Mies Van Der Rohe, “Less is more”.
This rustic wedding in the countryside is the perfect example of all this. And I love this interest in the details and the purity of the forms.

rustic dress countryside wedding

The love story

This love story began more than 15 years ago, on August 11, 2003. Maria and Bernat are from Barcelona, but both were in the Costa Brava, Girona. Both Maria and Bernat were very young when they met, aged 18 and 20, but they soon discovered that they were destined to be together. Simply, everything has flowed until today, what a wonderful thing!
rustic wedding in the countryside

Complicity of the couple

Maria and Bernat are a couple who share the way of seeing and living life. They are both very athletic and love to travel. Also, they don’t like to be quiet and are very active. And, although they are fans of simplicity, like me, they are very perfectionists and meticulous. The minimal doesn’t have to be bland and poor worked, on the contrary, it’s much more difficult to translate a good work into something shorter and more concise.
outdoor rustic wedding


The big proposals and shows don’t go with a couple like Maria and Bernat, so there was not a request as such. Maybe you’re thinking “Ohh, what a pity, how nice it would have been”, but in reality, what’s more beautiful than to reach a point with your partner in which you understand the other so well that you feel you want to be together forever? And so it was, without adornments or questions. Maria and Bernat decided they wanted to make a big party to celebrate their love, along with their friends and family.
rustic wedding rings

Preparing the rustic wedding in the countryside

When Maria and Bernat came up with the idea of their wedding, the first thing they thought about was celebrating the same day and place where they met. That is why they decided it would be at Hotel of Mas Oliveres, in Girona. That should be a party to their measure and style so they could enjoy with all their loved ones.
rustic wedding table decoration
As I told you before, simplicity does not mean neglect, and that’s precisely why Maria and Bernat had to search well to decide all the details of their rustic wedding in the countryside, since they wanted to have the flexibility to assemble spaces and decoration in their own way. Finally, they found the catering Montserrat, and, as Maria says, “Once we found it, everything was shot and it was so easy to decide“.
rustic wedding in the countryside

The big day

Everything was ready for the big day: a beautiful rustic wedding in the countryside. Maria and Bernat had even personalized the wedding with a lot of details made by themselves, I can not like it anymore!. By the way, with the brides so creative that we have, I’m thinking about writing a post about handmade details that you can do for your wedding, so you’ll have beautiful ideas for your wedding. You can subscribe here to our newsletter to be informed of all the ideas to organize a bohemian wedding.
bohemian wedding decoration
Everything was ready for that to become the village celebration the couple wanted, where everyone celebrated love and had a good time. But there was an unforeseen last minute: the day began with the threat of rain and tramontane. The party was all devised in the open air, and that was something indispensable for Maria and Bernat; on the terrace of the farmhouse, with elongated tables, party chairs and banderoles and lights. This made the couple worry, but they had very good luck: the wind stopped and the sun appeared just at the moment the ceremony began. Very good omens for this couple!
rustic wedding ceremony

The dress ♥

I can’t think of anyone better than Maria to represent what the dresses of Mimètik Bcn are. She was looking for a wedding dress that was in accordance with her way of being: simple, comfortable but elegant at the same time, something ideal for her rustic wedding in the countryside. That is precisely what I want to convey with the dresses of Mimètik Bcn; They are dresses for bohemian and rustic brides who want to be beautiful in their big day without sacrificing comfort and simplicity. A dress should enhance the natural beauty of the woman, and not eclipse her. Maria remembers her choice as a crush: “as soon as I tried on the Mimètik Bcn dress, it was clear to me that that was my dress”. Maria was gorgeous with her Gala Bohemian in dotted tulle. I think I could not have chosen better, because this is a super elegant and feminine tulle. In addition, he chose a belt of Au nom de la Rose, our favorite florist, to give a touch of color that was spectacular.
tulle rustic bride dress

Advice for future brides

“Enjoy the day because, after so much time preparing it, it flies by. And don’t worry about anything that day, because everything ends up going well. We are very happy and happy about how it went all that day and we want to thank all the family and friends who helped us make that day possible.”

wedding in the field
Personally, I loved meeting Maria and her rustic wedding in the country, because, as I’ve already told you, she reminded me Mimètik Bcn’s why. So I’m super grateful for choosing us. In addition, I also want to thank the photographer Érase una vez una boda for these beautiful photos that perfectly reflect the atmosphere of that day. ♥

Over time I’ve seen how right Adolf Loos and Mies Van der Rohe were about simplicity. I started traveling around the world and discovered traditional costumes from different cultures, which were based on very basic geometric patterns, and, as my teachers would say, they were beautiful in their simplicity. That inspired me to create Mimètik Bcn, and here I stand more than 12 years later, fulfilling my dream. And every time a bohemian bride sends me a photo of her rustic wedding she reminds me of it.
And you, what about the minimal? Or are you more of the “more is more” law? Did you want a simple wedding or a big scale ceremony? Tell me in the comments! I will love reading you ♥
Sending much love,
Mireia Solsona

PS: Pstt! Do you want to know more about my beginnings and my career? You can read this and this post, but I warn you, Mimètik Bcn has not always had the glamor it has now! ]]>


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