Long sleeve lace wedding dress

I’m going to tell you a secret. There’s nothing more beautiful than a long sleeve lace wedding dress. It’s perfect for many kins of Mimètik Brides: from those that want something elegant and those that love bohemian weddings. 

Is it a long sleeve lace wedding dress for me?

Do you love romantic dresses? Do you want to feel extra warm? Do you feel that sleeves are more elegant? Then, a lace wedding dress with long sleeves is perfect for you. If you smile when thinking about it -which is the way to know how to pick your bridal gown- then you need to, at least, try it…

What to wear with a long sleeve wedding dress?

You can combine this kind of wedding dress with one of our spadrilles! That way you match the elegancy and the rusticity. Also, you can match the floral lace with one of our flower belts or flower earrings. In this case, you add a spark of boho-chic to the dress.

Lace wedding dresses with long sleeves: we have yours!

We have different styles and different kinds of long sleeve lace wedding dresses. For instance, we have short wedding dresses with sleeves, like our Frida short. It combines a tube top, a short skirt and a ivory lace bolero. A different idea is this Frida Long: it matches a long tube top, a long skirt and a rose quartz lace bolero. And if you love vintage, we have exactly the same model but with a golden lace bolero.