Vere+Juan, wedding in an Asturian winery

I am super hyper excited to tell you about this authentic wedding in an Asturian cider mill. It is the royal wedding of Vere and Juan, a music-loving couple, who got married this past summer. As they are very close friends of ours, I was lucky enough to attend their wedding in Asturias , which was held in a wine press. I was so excited when Vere asked me to make her dress! And then see her live on her wedding day in Gijón so beautiful and pregnant ! Keep reading, I'll tell you the whole story of love at first sight. And don't miss the video made by Judit, a friend of the bride, it's beautiful!

They are The rhythm of the night

The couple

Vere and Juan met in Andorra through a mutual friend and immediately connected so much that they even got scared ! They discovered that they are super similar in all aspects, especially in how they understand a relationship. They are both very autonomous people and need their space on a day-to-day basis, but at the same time they enjoy together doing what they like the most: playing music at all hours, while they talk and talk a little about everything. Or just being together without saying anything. Vere-Juan-Wedding-llagar This type of connection is really complicated to find, don't you think? I love the feeling between them . Everything is natural, calm and authentic . It is obvious that they are very comfortable with each other.

the request

Vere tells me that she had never considered getting married in her life. But it turned out that in less than a year she was engaged to Juan and...pregnant! "I guess because until now I hadn't met anyone who proposed to me and because I don't have what is called a girlfriend gene" says Vere. "The request was completely unexpected, because without intending to, one Sunday with vermouth on a terrace in Olesa de Montserrat, we ended up getting engaged in the most natural and informal way. We were discussing whether we wanted to have children and we came to the conclusion that we both wanted And that we wouldn't delay it too long." Wedding-rustica-Asturias "It was then that Juan reminded me that on a previous occasion, in Andorra, I had stressed to him that it was important for me to be married if I had children , to which he quickly, without thinking about it, launched into proposing it to me, as is, in a sudden and totally unexpected for both of us."

wedding style

When they thought about what style of wedding would best reflect their lifestyle and their way of being, they decided that they wanted to celebrate a wedding with their closest family and friends . They were looking for a simple civil wedding. "We didn't need a lot of history since what we valued the most was the company and being pregnant wasn't much preparation, really," the girlfriend explains to me. Wedding-in-an-asturian-llagar-brides Vere is Asturian and you already know that the “tierrina” pulls a lot ! That is why they decided to get married in Gijón, their hometown. They chose a llagar , the place where cider is produced in Asturias, because it seemed like a very representative place as a meeting point. For Vere, who has always liked the rural environment, it was an important detail. The hardest thing for them to decide on was the menu, you know the great variety of products that the Asturian land offers. And I believe that everything was spectacular! Wedding-llagar-rustic-decoration


"I was very clear about the dress, I wanted to go to Mimètik Bcn yes or yes and as soon as I found out that I was pregnant and that they also had maternity wedding dresses , I just decided completely since I think they define a practical type of bride, bohemian and above all original." OMG, how cuquita is, Vere! I am super happy to have contributed to make her feel beautiful and comfortable on her big day Wedding-in-a-press-guests

favorite detail

"I wanted a detail to match my dress, something floral, a headdress. I fell in love withLito and Lola 's designs and they made me a custom headdress, with the two tones of my dress and the blue of the groom's suit."

Advice for new brides

I told you that Vere is a real girl, right? Well, pay attention to his advice for new brides, the funniest and clearest I've heard so far! " Well, first of all, don't get married while pregnant (laughs). It's your day, enjoy, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah over and in the end no one does it because we get nervous. So my advice is to let yourself go and do what you feel like Without fear, without pressure, or the need to please others, after all, family and friends are the support we need And they already know us well enough to understand that a wedding is a celebration of love and the rest Needless to say, it's secondary." I hope you have enjoyed this authentic wedding in an Asturian winery. And if you are Asturian or are thinking of getting married in Asturias, a cider mill is a spectacular place to celebrate your wedding. Have you ever been to a winery wedding? Tell me in the comments! A hug and see you next week <3 By the way, have you seen the surprise I prepared last week ? Signature-email-marketing-Mireia