What to know when choosing the wedding suit

What to know when choosing the wedding suit
Many of our Mimètik Brides ask us for advice to find the ideal wedding suit for your boy . You are free-spirited bohemian brides, and all you find are formal black suits. Sobriety is not bad, but it is also normal to prefer something else that you feel goes more with your style. We have spoken with our Royal Brides and we have asked them to tell us about their experience, so in this post you will find advice and inspiration to see different groom suit options so that you can (or your partner can) decide which one goes more with the wedding than you have chosen
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Before moving on to the different types of wedding suits, I first want to tell you something. If there's one thing I value above all things at a wedding, it's authenticity . Our wedding dresses are made for authentic brides, who want to feel like themselves, without a costume. For me, this is the most important thing. And it has to apply to the groom as well. You should feel comfortable, look good, and feel like yourself. It is a day for the couple, not for conventions and fashions that force you to dress in a way in which you do not identify. Finding the ideal wedding suit has to be something fun, done with enthusiasm and desire, and with minimal pressure.

groom suit styles

classic boyfriend

The classic style is the perfect option for the most traditional, a sure bet for elegance . Even so, there are many possibilities within this group: tailcoat, frock coat, and tuxedo. According to the protocol, you have them ordered from most to least elegant within the type of classic suits.

When it comes to colors, black and navy blue are usually worn with white shirts. Depending on the option chosen, it will also be combined with white or gray vests, to add a touch of light. In addition, it can be accompanied with a sober tie to continue in line or with some color to provide a more fun and youthful touch. In the case of the tuxedo, a black bow tie is the ideal touch.
In this photo of inspiration you can see Maria and Bernat very handsome. Bernat opted for a more classic cut, and the truth is that it is spectacular. You can see more photos andread her story here .

casual boyfriend

bohemian groom suit Kara and Austin | Photo: Lauren Love Photography[/caption]
This is the option that is having the most success lately, it is a great intermediate that always works : you can choose between the suit with a blazer or directly with pants and a vest. It is a perfect style to go formal but more casual. If the groom is not very American, this is a great option with which he can feel comfortable.
As for colors, in blazers grays, blues and blacks are used more strongly, while with the option of the vest, more earthy tones are chosen. Even so, the lighter colors stand out more and more in both options. In addition, this option is usually taken into account with a two-tone effect: one for the pants and one for the top. And you always have the option of putting a special touch with a vest that gives it personality.
Here we see Kara and Austin at their rustic wedding. Austin chose a totally vintage vest that fits him like a glove. You can see more photos and read her story here .

modern boyfriend

 different groom suit Ana and Rait | Photo: Fotowalle[/caption]
This is the ideal style if it goes together with a different, bohemian, outdoor and carefree wedding . If the groom does not feel identified with options as formal as the previous ones, the important thing is that he does not give up his personality and that he feels authentic. Rolled-up shirts, espadrilles, suspenders, even shorts! More and more grooms dare to stand out and show their character in the form of style on their wedding day.
In this case, the colors of the groom's suit will depend a lot on the type of celebration you are thinking of. Of course, a light shirt and braces that stand out I assure you that they will give the perfect touch. It's time to have fun with colors and find the most representative combination. Unleash the imagination!
I don't see a better option than the one Rait chose for his destination wedding with Ana in Vietnam. It's complete! I love that he decided to take a risk, and it is totally in harmony with the location of the ceremony. You can see more photos and read her story here .

Latest Recommendations

 groom suit for rustic mountain wedding Monica and Oscar | Photo: Airada Audiovisuals[/caption]
As you can see, there is a groom suit for every groom . What is clear is that boring suits without personality have been left behind. The details provide a unique authenticity to each of the bride and groom. I summarize what I think about groom suits in two points:

  1. The first and most important thing is to be comfortable, to feel at ease . It's going to be a busy day!
  2. Who risks, wins , I assure you! That is where the emotion is. The groom is also the protagonist of a special day, let it be noticed!

I hope you felt inspired ♥
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