Bohemian wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses: New Collection 2021

When I was drawing the New Collection at the Atelier I was thinking of you, of all the Mimètik Brides and the entire Mimètik Tribe. As I was choosing fabrics and searching for colors for bohemian wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses, I was thinking back to all the conversations I've had with you over the last few months. I have saved in my memory a little piece of e-mail in which you tell me that you have postponed the wedding from spring to spring. Or a message on Instagram in which you tell me that this 2021 is, yes or yes, your year.

And I would stop working for a bit, I would open the window wider, with all that light that enters Barcelona's Eixample and I would think:

“Again enjoy. Again hug your loved ones without fear, without haste, without further ado. Once again put on that dissimulating face when taking the last canapé. And that happy face when your song plays and you just want to dance. Again... everything. The love, the laughter, yours . Re-start!”

That is the spirit that I want to see in my bohemian wedding dress creations for the year 2021. The idea of ​​starting over and meeting again, of going back to everything that makes us so happy. Yes, I'm sure it will still be a little different, but we deserve a Re-start.

Bohemian wedding dresses New Collection: re-start

The New Collection is totally Mimètik. It is versatility , with models that can be worn in a thousand different ways. It is the freedom to create your own boho wedding dress. It is comfort, with dresses that adapt to you, your body and your style . It is everything you are looking for in a Mimètik, with a more elegant twist in some cases, or with an even more rustic air in other of our models.

Once again, our Mimètik Brides take center stage, but we do not forget those boleros ideal for the night or those dresses for groups of bridesmaids.

Bohemian Wedding Dresses With Sequin Top

Again, versatility in bohemian wedding dresses

If you're reading this standing up, sit down for a moment. Really, sit down. Because when you see this new back of the Marie you will feel dizzy. It is super spectacular!

The Marie has always been a wonderful dress, one of our Best Sellers in both satin knit and crepe. And the back has always been low cut , to show it off and feel super beautiful.

But oh! with the twist that we have given it… This new model by Marie has soft straps so that you can create the back you want. The Marie thus becomes even more Mimètik with this novelty: it is pure versatility !

My favorite is that open back, with the drop end. But you can also wear it with a crossed or braided back. It's about finding that way of wearing the Marie that makes you feel yourself, authentic.

Lingerie dress with spectacular back

Again: nature

If you are a rustic bride or you like informal wedding dresses , you will love this new fabric that we have found for you. It falls in layers and has a cream tone that makes it super special.

You can wear just the crop top, for example, or just the skirt. You can also opt for a total top and overskirt look and complement it with a bouquet that gives it that vibrant point of color.

Informal Rustic Tulle Wedding Dress

once again shine

I couldn't love this news more. It is a cry of joy, it is your desire to dance, it is total happiness. And it is that, to our usual pieces, we have added silver sequins , a glittery touch that is IDEAL.

Do you know when we say “shine like never before”? It is this! And it is perfect as a bridesmaid dress .

Sequined lingerie dress

Again, those accessories that are the perfect accessory

How about going out… and not being cold at all? Or complement your bohemian wedding dresses with a shawl for winter ? We have created this precious fur shawl so that you have it all: the comfort and vintage touch of Mimètik, with the elegance that only fur gives.

You can find it in two colors: Ivory and Pink. Both are beautiful, soft and warm.

Elegant and warm faux fur shawl

And here comes another accessory that you will love. These strips of lace are pure magic. It has a super vintage style and, at the same time, super sensual . In Ivory, it can complement your Gala or Marie dress… and take it to another level. Remember that the same model can be worn in one way or another depending on the time of the celebration.

Boho wedding dress with elegant ivory lace

This New Collection of informal wedding dresses also comes with a detail that will make you fall in love. It is a 100% organic cotton garter belt . One of the ideas that prompted me to create Mimètik was to contribute my grain of sand to sustainable fashion . You already know, a Mimètik is so versatile that you don't need a thousand dresses, but one of super good quality and so versatile that it is worth it for hundreds of occasions. We also avoid plastic as much as possible, which is why you receive your Mimètik in a cardboard box and with a muslin bag. Now, in addition, we have taken a step further, adding eco-friendly fabrics. I hope it gives you the same illusion as me!

Organic cotton bridal garter

And what about this hippy accessory? You can add fringes to your straps and give your look a super alternative touch. Because it's your wedding… who said rules?

Fringes for bridal set

I hope that the New Collection of wedding dresses 2021 has made you fall in love as much as it has me. We have put all that desire to start over, to celebrate again, to hug each other without fear.

Tell me, which model has stolen your heart?