Ready-to-ship boho wedding dress: how to choose yours

Do I postpone my wedding? Do I move my wedding to the fall? Do I decide to move my wedding a year? I know that all these ideas have come to your mind over and over again throughout these weeks. We have lived in total uncertainty, but it seems that, finally, everything is being solved. Although, with so much change, you may now have another concern on your mind: your wedding is soon and you need a boho wedding dress ready to ship .

Buy your wedding dress online: super easy

I know that it seems that now you are in a mess but, don't worry!, I have the best solution. I'm going to help you choose your bohemian wedding dress easily and quickly. Enjoy the experience of finding your Mimètik knowing that, once you have decided, I will send it to your home before your big day. In a week , you will be able to shine like an authentic Mimètik Bride .

If you want to enjoy this article more, make yourself your favorite drink or infusion, and let's go on a trip together! I only ask you one thing: read me, yes, but see now imagining yourself with the Mimètik that I show you and see how you feel. If suddenly something goes "whack!", you've got it, you've found your ideal rustic wedding dress .

Boho wedding dress for summer

Choosing a boho wedding dress step by step

I love to say that my Mimètik are like a cake recipe. The main ingredient is the base dress, which can be a Gala, a Marie (ideal for summer) or a Frida (the best wedding dress option for a fall wedding ). Then, you add accessories, like who puts chocolate chips, orange pieces or butter cream on the cake.

In this article I am going to explain each of the steps to follow to choose a wedding dress , but I want you to keep this in mind: the entire Mimètik Team is here to help you. Even if you buy online, you are not alone in front of the screen. We answer any questions by mail to , in comments on the article or on our social networks. You will find us with a super smile and the best of missions: find your ideal bohemian wedding dress and make you shine with it.

Boho wedding dress: first, the base dress

If your wedding is soon and you are getting married in the summer , you need a boho wedding dress ready to ship. The best options are a Gala or a Marie. Yes, now you don't know what I'm talking about or where those names come from, but take a sip of that delicious drink you've made for yourself and let me explain. You will love what I am going to tell you.

This is a Gala , and you can find it in Ivory or Champagne. In Ivory you have a perfect base color for any combination you can think of, since it is, never better said, like a blank canvas. And in Champagne , you have a super vintage tone that is perfect for any rustic wedding.

Ivory multiposition wedding dress

A Gala is an infinity dress or multiposition dress. That means instead of having one wedding dress, you have a thousand! Thus, you can try different ways of tying it until you find the one that best suits your body and your fantastic way of being. Some of my Mimètik Brides like to wear different necklines depending on the moment of the celebration: more demure at the ceremony, more elegant for the banquet, super comfortable during the dance - so they can give it their all!

Take, for example, this beautiful Gala with a snowflake overskirt. This is a very simple, very natural way to tie your dress. You'll feel super comfortable wearing it like this, plus it's so easy to put on that in two minutes you'll be ready for your big day. If your eyes light up when you see it, remember that in standard size this boho wedding dress is ready to ship .

Infinity wedding dress for a summer wedding

But, as I have already told you, you have a thousand options! I show you one more, so you can see how different your Gala can be. Thus tied you will feel very sophisticated and elegant, and showing off a beautiful back. Ready to shine!

Boho wedding dress to show off your back in summer

Another base dress option is the Marie . Lingerie and simple, it is pure elegance. Many of my Mimètik Brides fall in love with it, who even choose to dress it without accessories. As in the case of the Gala, you can also find it in Ivory and Champagne. Either shade is perfect; think when choosing your skin color or if you are going to wear it with or without accessories.

This one you'll see below is the Marie in Ivory . Look how good it looks without any accessories! It has a delicious fall and fits super well to the body. If you have already fallen in love, in standard size it is ready to ship and you can receive it at home in a week.

simple wedding dress for summer

And that's how spectacular the Marie in Champagne looks. It has an incredible vintage point that I couldn't like more. Do you want a little recommendation? If the base is Champagne, an accessory in Ivory, be it tulle or lace, is the ideal combination.

Wedding dress with straps for summer in champagne tone

Boho-chic wedding accessories

  • Gold Lace Shawl

It's a super best seller and I'm not surprised. It gives you that elegant point that you may be looking for in your rustic wedding. Our gold lace is tan, and is the perfect counterpoint to the dress in Ivory, whether it's a Gala (the infinity dress) or a Marie (the slip dress). Julia, one of our Mimètik Brides, recently told us that she likes this shawl so much that she uses it at special dinners with her partner or even to celebrate New Year's Eve.

Bohemian Bridal Gold Lace Shawl

Do you have any questions so far? Remember that you have the Mimètik Team ready to help you in anything. You just have to write to . If not, let's continue with the ingredients ????

  • Embroidered tulle crop top

This crop top, I'm not going to lie to you, it has stolen my heart. It is a beautiful tulle, very vintage , that I know you can fall in love with. For a total vintage look, consider a champagne base. The best dress for this boho accessory? A Marie or a separates.

Vintage Bridal Lace Crop Top

  • Plumetti top

If the Marie has seemed ideal, but you want it to be a little more rustic, I recommend that you opt for a tulle or lace top. In this case, I show you a winning combination, with the plumetti top.

Plumetti bridal top in ivory ideal for a summer wedding

And look how beautiful it is behind! I know that this back is a heart attack and one more reason for you to fall in love with the Marie.

open back wedding dress

  • Golden Dots Tulle Overdress

This overdress is very subtle, but it gives you a hint of color that makes you literally shine. It would be like those chocolate chips on a cake: subtle, but without them, the recipe would no longer be funny. I have seen it a lot in those brides who in the Atelier tell me that they look too white. A Golden Dots tulle and, voilà!

Multiposition bohemian wedding dress to receive in a week

  • Rose Quartz Lace Overskirt

When our models wear an overskirt, we call it Rustic. But you only have to keep one thing: if you think it's beautiful. There are other colors of lace, such as Ivory, Champagne or Golden, but I know that Rose Quartz can make you swoon.

Rose quartz lace dress for bohemian bride

Inspiration for a boho wedding dress

At Mimètik we send your wedding dress fast and you can have it in a week . But I want you to decide quietly, with time, savoring the moment. If you need more ideas, browse the web as much as you want: you have the links marked in purple, and also the photos are clickable. You can also get inspired by our blog, with our Mimètik Brides, and see how beautiful Mariana or Kara were. Or you can stroll through our Instagram , where you will see a thousand more options.

Wedding dress: shipments around the world

Perhaps your intuition has already whispered in your ear: "This is it, this is the dress!" Although my bohemian wedding dresses are from Barcelona, ​​we ship them all over the world! I am delighted to know that, for example, my Gala Vintage model, one of my best sellers, has traveled to Seville, but has also flown to Germany or France. In this case, we send it to the beautiful Laura, to Galicia.

Boho wedding dress for summer ready to ship

I want you to know that all the stress you may be feeling right now is going to pass. You will find YOUR Mimètik , you will receive it super fast and you will love it. You will shine like never before . And you will have a beautiful celebration with yours.

Did you like the article? Do you feel calmer now before your imminent wedding? Have you already felt the “chas”?