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How to organize an intimate wedding

It is possible that due to the coronavirus pandemic you are considering downsizing your wedding or organizing an intimate wedding. And I understand you perfectly because it’s something that my Mimètik Brides tell me when coming to the Atelier or as a Direct Message on Instagram.

If there is something that I love about my Mimètik Brides is how different they are if we take into consideration their ages, lifestyles, familiar situation… I learn a lot about their personality, points of view, and dreams when they are putting on that dress and then trying that other. But, despite that wide variety of women, there is something they all have in common: they want to shine like never before and feel authentic on their wedding day.

In some cases, that means celebrating an intimate wedding, or a small wedding, with your loved ones. And other times, their dream wedding it’s a great party, in a rustic landscape, with lots of people.

With the pandemic, many of my Mimètik Brides have changed their initial plans: they have moved the celebration from spring to summer or fall, they have moved the date to 2021, or they have decided to go ahead and have a small celebration now and a bigger party later (hopefully those two celebrations will be just some months apart).

If this is your case, or if you have always been in love with small weddings, I hope this article gives you many ideas or at least a bit of structure. At the end, I’ll tell you a little secret!


Intimate weddings: Less is more


“Less is more” is one of my mottos. That’s why, for instance, I’m fascinated by Mies Van Der Rohe or my Mimètik are infinity dresses, versatile and multiposition. When talking about a wedding, “Less is more” means that everything will be much more meaningful to you. “Fewer people” is easily translated into “those that really matter to you, those that love you, believe in you and you are really fond of”. Also, everything will be downsized to what you really want, with (hopefully) no external pressure. Not to mention that it will mean a smaller wedding budget. And with these COVID madness going on, an intimate wedding or a micro wedding is a great way to make you and your guests feel safer.


How to organize a small wedding


The organization of an intimate wedding is very similar to other kinds of wedding, but with special characteristics:

  • Make your own Pinterest folder, your Excel and your Keep: I love to start everything with creativity and order. Both things, even if they seem contradictory, can go hand in hand and will help you throughout the planning process. Also, it will be free space on your mind and it will make it easier for your partner to be 100% involved in each step. With Pinterest you will have all the inspiration possible. It’s the same with Instagram, but Pinterest allows you to have several boards with different themes and share them with whoever you want. Watch out! It’s really addictive and once you fall down the rabbit hole… Excel will help you control the budget and have all your different providers in one place, so you can compare them and easily see the Big Picture. I explain more about budgets in this article: Your wedding budget. And Keep will allow you to write down those ideas that suddenly pops-up in your mind when you are with your friends, reading a story to your children, commuting to work … And, yes, Keep can also be shared!
  • Calculate the number of guests: This point is always important when planning a wedding but it’s paramount when trying to organize an intimate wedding! A wedding is considered small or intimate when there are 50 people top. With the coronavirus pandemic still going on, we are probably talking about 10-30 people.
  • Normally, it is recommended to write down two lists, one for the groom and the other for the bride, and eliminate those people who are not really close to neither of you. In the case of a wedding during the coronavirus pandemic, perhaps it’s best to start with the closest family and friends and then make room for other people. Let the heart guide you.
  • Are you having a bigger party next year? Tell those friends and family that you haven’t invited to the intimate celebration. They will understand you, especially if your decision is motivated by sanitary restrictions, and they will like to feel included in your future plans.
  • Deciding on the venue: Do you know the best thing about an intimate wedding or a wedding with a few attendees? That can take place in many more places: a hermitage, a small beach, in the forest, the backyard, a farmhouse, the rooftop of an urban building… Some weeks ago, a friend of mine married her longtime partner on her rooftop. She was beautiful and so happy! Everything was tiny and charming, full of details that she had prepared herself.
  • Think about personal details: If you like to DIY as much as I do (that’s how I started Mimètik during the last economic crisis!) it’s a good idea to unleash your creativity. Instead of thinking of suppliers to make your invitations, stamps, wedding gifts… you can do it all by yourself! It may take a little longer than expected, but the results will be wonderful. I am sure that your small wedding guests will be moved by every little detail, from those related to decoration to their own presents. I smile just to imagine it because surely you already have some idea in mind that you want to put into practice. It will be a small charming wedding.
  • Have that themed wedding you’ve always wanted! With just a few guests, you can let your imagination run wild and do anything crazy you can think of. Aren’t you surrounded by your loved ones? They know you better than anyone, they support you in everything you do and they want to see you shine like never before. So yes, do that Ibizan wedding you have always dreamed of, on the beach and with everyone wearing white dresses. One of my Mimètik Brides made such a celebration and it was amazing: Clio + Joao. Or celebrate that Game of Thrones wedding, or steampunk, or hippie, inspired in the 60s… Your wedding, your rules!
  • Guest can play their part: At an intimate wedding or microwedding, the celebration can be a great moment to make everybody feel involved. Do you have a musician friend? Can your closest friends help you make a spectacular entry? At Drita’s wedding, for example, her son, dressed as a paperboy, shouted “Extra, extra! They are about to get married!” just before they entered with colored flares. It was ACE.


  • The wedding banquet: Although the intimate wedding allows you to have a buffet-type banquet, the best thing during this pandemic is people being served on their tables, with no much movement from table to table and not sharing cutlery. Also, it is a good idea to think about outdoor celebrations, where there is enough air circulation. If you like rustic and alternative weddings as much as I do, that won’t be a problem. Dinning while watching the sun hide among the vineyards or being surrounded by olive trees, for example, seems like a magical moment to me. Don’t you think so?


The ideal wedding dress for an intimate wedding


So far we have talked about the social aspect of a wedding. Which it certainly is a social event, even when it comes to a small wedding or backyard wedding. But now I want you to focus entirely on yourself. Have you already imagined how your dream dress will be? Are you looking for your ideal boho dress? With a Mimètik, you will feel authentic, comfortable and you will have all the versatility to modify the dress throughout the day; for example, wearing it one way at the Town Hall and another one during the banquet. A Mimètik is the ideal wedding dress for that rustic wedding you are planning. It has been the option chosen for my Mimètik Brides, whether they have married in a vineyard, like Jessica + Joan or if they have married in the mountains, like Mònica + Óscar, in a forest, in a farmhouse …

If you are a bride in a hurry because you are getting married soon, please, don’t miss this article: Boho wedding dress: how to choose yours. If it’s a fall wedding, you will love this one article: Boho wedding dresses for an ideal fall wedding. And if you have time and want to go step by step, start with our Bridal Collection. You will see the different tones and the quality and softness of our fabrics.



Anyway, I take this opportunity to give you some ideas for your boho wedding dress, such as our Best-Sellers:

  • This model is a Gala Vintage, and it is the one that my Mimètik Brides favorites. Whenever it’s shown in Instagram stories, I get many questions, reactions with emojis, or the comments “It’s beautiful”, “’ I got married wearing this Mimètik! “. Its base dress is an infinity dress, which can be in Ivory or Champagne and a lace overdress, which you can choose from Ivory, Champagne, Golden or Rose Quartz.
Boho wedding dress


Here I show you a Marie Essential. It’s simple but yet so elegant… I’m in love with it! You can wear this vintage wedding dress on its own and you will shine like never before. Or you can add some accessories that make you feel authentic. As I have already explained with the Gala, you can find it in both Ivory and Champagne. The difference? In Ivory, you will have more contrast with your skin if you are brunette and it will be more classy. In Champagne, it’s more vintage and ideal for fair-skinned girls.


Simple yet elegant wedding dress for small wedding


You can wear the Marie dress on its own, but you can also wear it as a base dress and then cover it with other accessories to feel even more elegant. You can even do the following: wear it at the City Hall with a shawl, lace bolero or overdress, to feel more dressed-up, and then just the dress, to enjoy feeling free and comfortable. That’s exactly what Eli did: she wore a bolero in the Rose Quartz at City Hall, and then only the dress at the party. It is so versatile that you have a thousand options!

Example of wedding dress for intimate wedding


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Do you want to decide on the next article?


I am already thinking about my next article. Would you like to know what an “elopement” is? If you don’t know the term, don’t think about Romeo and Juliet: go to Instagram and look for the hashtags #elopement #elopementwedding #adventurewedding or #elopementphotography. I’m sure you’ll love the photos as much as I do. Would you like me to write about it? Or is there any other topic you want me to cover? Let me know!


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