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How to organize your romantic wedding in 10 steps

Are you getting married and are you looking for your ideal romantic wedding? Getting married is something super personal, and many couples opt for a wedding planner to help them in all this chaos. But if you are not one of those who want to spend a million, and have more the idea of a low cost wedding, don’t worry! With this post I discover you all the “to do” that you have to take into account to organize your ideal wedding.

The wedding planner: to do or not to do

Don’t panic! Yes, we already know that organizing a wedding or a romantic wedding brings a lot of work, but think about the result you will achieve together. I assure you that the weddings that are treated with more care and dedication are the most special. But for everything to go round, we must not deceive ourselves: there is much to be done. That’s why I brought you the “Wedding Plan“, a checklist where I help you to put in order what and when you have to do for your wedding. To be able to get it you just have to click on the button that you will see here below. In addition, by clicking, you will subscribe to our newsletter, with which you will be fully aware of all the offers and inspirations that we prepare for brides to be like you.

Also, and as you will see in the plan, I recommend you to have what I call an “Emergency Kit for the bride”. I would like that when “The super day” arrives you are calm and relaxed, and you can enjoy the most with your partner, family and friends. You’ve been waiting for this party for months and it’s not a matter of getting nervous for small setbacks that appear at the least expected moment. So I suggest you take a look at this post to get you with my super Emergency Kit.

The date and place

place for rustic weddings
Liara and Filipe’s Wedding

As you will see in the planner that I have created for you, what you have to be clear about your romantic wedding is the date. This is the most important point and on which all your celebration will revolve: availability, budget, theme, dress, etc. You also have to foresee possible problems such as major events and festivities that may coincide and interfere with the attendance of your guests.
Also consider in what kind of place you would like to get married. It won’t be the same date if you want to get married on the beach than in the interior. Surely, if you want to have a vintage wedding on the beach, you don’t want to be in the middle of winter, while if it’s a hipster wedding in an industrial warehouse you may not care so much about the season. In addition, you may have to prioritize one of these two factors. If you have a special date, maybe you want to use it, so you’ll want to adapt the place. And it may be the other way around. You should also think about the possibilities and facilities that the guests will have to be able to attend your wedding depending on the type of celebration you choose.
My recommendation: Make these decisions flow, see how you are as a couple and follow those impulses. The important thing is to feel reflected in a day as important as this. If you are a couple who likes the mountain, don’t brood on more time than necessary or look budgets of large urban halls: I’m sure you dream of a rustic wedding. And remember to have a plan B if you opt for an outdoor wedding! Prepare everything in time to avoid unpleasant surprises.

The budget

budget for simple weddings
Ana Torres Wedding | Photo Beto Pérez

This is one of the most complex issues and one that can cause the most headaches when we talk about organizing a wedding. A romantic wedding can cost what you want it to cost, basically it will depend on what is prioritized and what you want to include in it. The average cost is approximately 15,000€, but it is also true that this number can be reduced or greatly increased. In the budget come many factors, such as clothing, photos, banquet, decoration, music, accessories, the future honeymoon, etc.
In the future I may do a more extensive post on the subject of the budget, if you would be interested leave me a comment and do not forget to subscribe to the newsletter to find out everything! And if you want to know how to save money at your wedding, you can also visit this post that I wrote on the blog.
For now I leave you some points in which you should pay special attention if your budget is reduced:

  1. Set yourself a real maximum
  2. Make two lists: “essential” and “I would like to add”. So you can sort your priorities
  3. The wedding season is from April to October; plan to make your wedding out of those months if you budget is very tight
  4. The day of the week with the most demand is Saturday. On Fridays and Sundays you will find some offers, and during the week, besides being the cheapest, some places and suppliers may offer you some advantages. Think that since they are not demanded dates, they want to fill them as much as possible

My recommendation: Sharpen the wit! “DIY” romantic weddings can be a good option for tight budgets. Do you have any DJ friend who can play at your wedding party? Or a hairdresser cousin who would like to be your stylist in your wedding? And about the little details for the guests, how about doing something manual? Sure, it takes time, but I assure you that every little gesture will be noticed in your pocket

The style: a different romantic wedding for each couple

boho wedding inspo
What do you think when you think of you two? That is what you must express in your celebration so that everything flows and you feel super comfortable in your “W day”. There are a lot of options for having a different wedding: vintage wedding, hippie wedding, classic wedding, romantic wedding, urban wedding, city wedding, country wedding, outdoor wedding or even destination wedding. Everything will depend on the idea of your special day in your head.
As you know, one of the topics that I like to write about in this blog are our Real Weddings, where Mimètik brides explain how they have organized their weddings and all the details that have made them even more special. If you need some inspiration, I recommend you take a look at any of these weddings, depending on the style you are looking for:

My recommendation: Start thinking about your wedding in big. Create a common thread: a theme, some colors, some motifs, etc. You can use a moodboard made on Pinterest to think about elements and ideas that you would like to incorporate to design a general concept of the wedding. I assure you that in this way it will be much easier to go after the more specific details. All this will also help you with the decoration and other details such as the invitations, the seating plan and everything handmade that you want to contribute to your day. And, above all, don’t let yourself be carried away by fashions or “what we are supposed to do”. It is your day, feel represented and identified.

The bride: dress, hairstyle…

bohemian wedding dress
Cristina Vila Wedding

We got to the wedding star: you. It’s very good to plan the whole theme of decoration, style and so on, but you must remember to prepare yourself. Dress, makeup, hairstyle, bouquet, shoes, etc. As I am not very expert in bridal bouquets, it is best to be advised by the Au Nom de la Rose girls. They are all professionals and will make you a totally personalized bouquet depending on your style, type of wedding and personality.
Regarding wedding hairstyles, I have a post in which I talked about it, and I assure you that they are still the most successful look among Bohemian brides (and the ones I like the most!). You’ll see a lot of bridal hairstyle with a super cool styling. You can access the post here.
In what I can advise you is in the choice of your wedding dress. Your dress will be the best kept secret and the element with most expectation of your day. You may have your ideal style of dress decided from the minute 0, or you may be super lost and don’t know where to go. Believe me, to our atelier in Barcelona come all kind of brides: determined, indecisive, with big budgets, small, etc. There are girls who only try on a dress, their faces light up and they say “this is it”. And there are other girls who need even a second visit to finish deciding on the model, fabric and color. What I can tell you from experience is that your wedding dress should reflect what you are and how you feel: there are girls who feel identified with a dress for her medieval wedding or her pin up wedding and there are others who are undoubtedly in love with boho wedding dresses.
One of the things that I think most brides appreciate in our atelier brides Barcelona are the different types of wedding dresses they can find (and even create) thanks to the versatility of our designs. They are ideal for vintage brides and stylish weddings. If you know Mimètik, you will know (and if not, welcome!), but our philosophy is that it is the dress that must adapt to the woman’s body, and not the other way around; comfort should not be at odds with being fabulous. You spent sufficient nerves organizing a wedding to worry about whether our body changes the months leading up to the celebration. I have published a video to explain how dresses for an amazing bohemian wedding work and the many possibilities that you have when dealing with convertible dresses. You can even have your dress at home in a week! If you feel like it, you can have a look here.
My recommendation: You are going to be the bride. You will shine with your own light. Don’t be too influenced by external opinions from friends and family, remember that it is your day and it is you who will wear it. You should also be advised by professionals, who can guide you in what you can look even more amazing. The most important thing of all is that you feel true to yourself and that you don’t feel disguised. You want to be beautiful, but I assure you that you will appreciate being comfortable.

The groom: looks for all likings

modern groom suit
Ana + Rait’s Wedding | Photo: Fotowalle

Although the bride is the brightest spot at the wedding, the groom must also be the protagonist of this special day. I’m preparing a post where I will tell more details about the choice of the groom’s suit, asking real grooms how was their choice and what they were based on. From experience in the world of weddings, I think that the groom’s outfit can be divided into three options:

  • Classical groom. Within this elegant option we can find two possibilities: morning coat with frock coat, vest and trousers or tuxedo. Predominates the color navy blue and black. It can be accompanied by a sober tie or with some color to bring a more fun and youthful touch
  • Casual groom. The jacket suit is an ideal intermediate that always works. It is a way to go formal but more casual, it’s also one of the most used options currently. In terms of colors, gray, blue and black are still strong, although the light colors are increasingly evident. And you always have the option to put a special touch with a vest that gives personality
  • Modern groom. The ideal choice for bohemian, outdoor and casual weddings. If the groom doesn’t feel identified with options as formal as the previous ones,the important thing is that he does not renounce his style. Opt for rolled up shirts, espadrilles, suspenders and bow ties, etc. Unleash the imagination!

My recommendation: A groom should be able to feel reflected also on the day of his wedding, without giving up either personality nor comfort. The complements are ideal to bring small touches that make you feel super special in a different wedding. A pair of Star Wars twins? A colored socks? Why not? There is also the option of going from tie to bow tie from the ceremony to the party, so you will gain a renewed look with a simple change. It all comes down to two words: personality and comfort.

The celebration: guests and catering

boho wedding inspo
Mariana + Pedro’s Wedding

There are two basic themes of all celebration: who will go and what will they eat. As for the guests, it will depend a lot on the type of celebration you want to do. If you want to do a mega celebration, you will surely get together with dozens and dozens of guests, but if you want an intimate ceremony you may be less than 50. There is something you must be clear about: it’s your romantic wedding, it must be your day, and not the day of “get along”. I explain. Many times we feel obligated to, by social norms, do things that if it were for us we wouldn’t do. This includes inviting people to our wedding. This situation may sound to you: you have a distant cousin with whom you have not spoken for years, but your parents think you should invite her because she is a family. Eeeeerror! Choose well those you want to be part of your special day, will be in your memory forever. In addition, this will also influence the place of the banquet.
Soon I will write a post on the subject of the invitations more specifically, but I will advance you that the most important items to include will be: the date of the wedding, the place, the time and your contact numbers. It is also optional to add the dressing code to follow, and there are those who prefer to take advantage of it to include the bank account for possible gifts, but some may feel offended by this detail; we will deal with it in more depth in the future post. It’s also important to set a deadline for confirmation so that you can organize yourself better.
Once the drama of the choice of guests is over, there is another equally important issue: the organization of the tables or seating plan. Some advice on seating so you do not have a headache:

  • Check with the banquet place what’s the layout of tables that they offer (how many people fit in each table). Remember to leave some space for the dance floor!
  • Check with your guests if they have any problems with someone so you won’t seat them near. We don’t want anyone to be uncomfortable on such a special day
  • In the case of having separated parents, the best thing is also that you talk and agree with them what you will do with the presidential table, the same thing happens if the families don’t get along well with each other. A solution with more and more fans is that the bridal table is composed of the groom, the best man, the groomsmen, the bridesmaids and the maid of honor and closest friends, and that parents seat each with their family
  • Table for children: yes or no? It will depend on the number of children you have at your wedding, and whether they can eat them alone, without needing help from parents. Your friends with children will surely thank you for letting them spend some time among adults. In addition, children are children and need to play, they will have a much better time between them
  • Make a planning and play with post-its. You will see that making it visual is much easier!
  • Important! Make sure that on the day of the wedding everyone knows where to sit (plannings, cards with names, etc.)

As for the catering, there are several things that you must also have controlled from the start. The first thing is the number of guests you will have, an organization is not the same for 150 people as it is for 50. In the same way, you should listen to your guests and take into account possible allergies, intolerances and convictions. Keep in mind an option for coeliacs, vegetarians or vegans if someone with any of these characteristics will attend. The same for people with religious food restrictions.
Apart from that you must follow three ideas: see, ask and eat. Look at the treatment and customer service offered by that catering, ask what services come in (table linen, crockery, etc.), and above all, eat! You have to taste the food you will eat on your special day. Try until you find something that suits your budget, style and taste.
My recommendation: Regarding the guests, keep in mind the spaces needed for each one. The little ones need to be able to move freely around the site, while the older ones need more peace of mind, so don’t put them next to the speakers! Regarding the food, add a sweet table to your celebration! You will see how the idea triumphs among all your guests, both the smallest and the sweet-toothed.

The party: music and games

funny party wedding
Hanne Op de Beek Wedding

I am a faithful defender for weddings to be a special day for the lucky couple. You don’t have to organize them just by thinking about the guests, but that doesn’t mean you have it has to be boring. I’m in favor of having fun and turning your wedding into a party where everyone participates, has fun and is comfortable. That’s why I wrote a whole post with a lot of games ideal for a special and romantic wedding. It will be released very soon, so remember to subscribe so you do not miss it!
What I can recommend you already is that, after lunch or dinner, your romantic wedding becomes a party. In this way you will create a great memory for all the attendees, and for yourselves. The best moments are those who laugh and enjoy as a group. Also introduce dynamic elements that involve your guests, such as photo booths and photocalls with elements to make the photos more fun.
As for the music, some time ago I wrote a post in which I tell you my musical tastes, and how the music has been with me since I was little. Here you have a playlist that I think, if you’re nostalgic like me, you’ll love it. You and your partner will also have to decide if you want to do an inaugural dance to break the ice. It doesn’t need to be a traditional waltz, you can also do a super fun dance with a mashup of your favorite songs!
My recommendation: For the games I recommend that you wear other shoes. Maybe you want to play a sack race but with those cute platform shoes wouldn’t be the most comfortable. Have a good time and don’t worry about being divine; You are the bride, you will shine with your own light throughout the day. For music, choose some songs that represent you as a couple, but also make the band/DJ a “do not play” list, to avoid sentimental conflicts during one of your most special days: songs that remember your ex, that you lead to a sad moment in your life, etc. We just want joy and excitement for your day!

Wedding presents

original presents for wedding
Blanca Duran Wedding

In your wedding there will be two types of gifts: those that you will do and those that will do to you. For those that they will make you, you have to decide between passing an account number or a wedding list. We know that the most practical thing is that they give you money, so you can decide what you want to spend. You can decide, for example, that all the money “collected” at the wedding is to enjoy it on your honeymoon. Important! Some guests will bring the money in a little envelope on the day of the celebration, so have someone you trust to whom you can leave them to avoid losing them.
Normally you opt for the option of money at weddings, since most couples already live together before the ceremony, and they already have their house set up. But you can also take advantage to make a wedding list and renew some objects of your home.
As for the details for the guests, you may want to adapt it to the theme of your wedding. A reminder is fine, but if you can add a little detail it will be appreciated among your guests. Some ideas can be: accessories such as bracelets or mirrors, bathroom items such as a bar of soap or scented sachets, a USB stick with the wedding playlist, liquors, plates, sweets, and even small pots with plants.
My recommendation: I believe that the secret is in the form of presentation, and in doing it more or less personalized and according to your wedding. Make it not a meaningless gift, look for a narrative to match your celebration and be useful to the guests. And if it’s not useful, make it nice at least!

The hooneymoon

different romantic wedding
And after your day, your trip arrives! It will be the moment in which you will be able to get rid of all the tension that you have been able to accumulate during the stressful pre-wedding months. There are a lot of possibilities for your honeymoon, depending on your budget. The destinations that are most fashionable lately are places like the United States (route 66, oh yeah) or paradisiacal beaches of the Caribbean, but I must confess that I am a lover of Asia. If you have read my presentation post you will already know what I like about my travel, and that is why in this post I recommend some places that I have visited myself and that have left me hallucinated and in love in equal parts.
My recommendation: I understand that you are looking forward to having your honeymoon. Moreover, you may like the trip more than the wedding itself, but have head and prioritize. We would all love to go to the Maldives for a month, but either you have a big budget or you will have a hard time to get that trip. It’s clear that the honeymoon should be something special for you, but I wouldn’t like that later it would be a problem for you to start your life together after the wedding. Also, I assure you it won’t be your last trip! Look at offers and compare, and, above all, look at dates. We would love to flee directly to a hotel in Bali, but perhaps the best option is to wait a month after the wedding because the flights may be cheaper.
And here’s this meeega post! I really hope this helps you to better organize a your romantic wedding and to take your day in a more calm and determined way. I would love to read all the questions, comments and suggestions you have in the comments of this post, so if you want to share something go ahead! And remember, it’s your day, and only for that will it be special for you already ♥
Lots of love,


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  1. Thanks for telling me that one of the most important details of our wedding is the date. We’re initially planning to have it in December, but I guess it would be better to postpone it and reschedule it around June next year. By doing so, we can focus better on organizing other things such as the catering and the live wedding music that we’ve always wanted to have.

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