Are you thinking of incorporating rose quartz in your wedding?

This wedding season has come with an immense force the color Rose Quartz in all its shades. If you are thinking of incorporating it into your wedding, do not miss this article, you will find ideas to put rose quartz details in your wedding. At Mimètik Bcn we realized the power with which this color arrives at the end of 2015, when the brides of 2016 began to ask us for samples with the different shades of rose quartz for their bridesmaids . Rose-Quartz-Wedding-Rustic
I love this type of rustic decoration, with natural colors and wood
I have to admit that I am not a big lover of pink, but you will be surprised to know that this year, rose quartz has stolen my heart. In the atelier we have bet so much on pink in this collection that we have even included this color in the wedding dress collection ! And the truth is that the brides who have been coming since we opened two weeks ago are betting heavily on rose quartz. Pink-Quartz-Wedding-dress-Mimetik-Bcn
Our bridal collection in Rose Quartz
When, a few months ago, we received the samples of fabrics and colors to design the new season of wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses , we were looking at them with the entire atelierteam . We are a small company, and I love that everyone gives their opinion on the new designs, we all contribute different and very valuable things. Rose-Quartz-Serenity-Wedding
Combination of the two colors of the season, Pink Quartz and Blue Serenity
We quickly agreed that this wedding season the protagonist would be pink, in all its shades. From quartz pink, through old pink, blush, pale pink and golden pink, which also has my heart stolen. Rose-Quartz-Golden-blush-wedding
The Golden Rose is also strong, if you want your wedding to shine, this color is beautiful
As I was telling you, this wedding season we have opted so much for the rose quartz color that we have even made it part of the bridal collection in this color. I know that it is not a very conventional color for brides, but the truth is that in our atelier it is having a lot of success ! Pink-Quartz-Dress-Lady-Honor
Another option to incorporate Rose Quartz in your wedding is to choose your bridesmaids' dresses in this color.
Now that I am lucky enough to meet the brides who come to the atelier in person, I am even more excited about my work . It allows me to get to know you more closely and for you to explain to me how and where your wedding will be. And since I love to talk, there is great communication and you discover beautiful love stories that I already want to share here on the blog. I am sure they will inspire you a lot. Rose-Quartz-Decoration-Table-Wedding Rose-Quartz-Ring-Engagement
Two more ways to subtly include trendy color in your wedding
What do you think of the rose quartz color? Do you plan to use this tone for your wedding? A hug, beautiful, see you next week! Signature-email-marketing-Mireia