The Gala Convertible Wedding Dress

Do you have doubts about how to wear my wedding dresses? Do you like a model but you don't know what positions you can do with him? Today I will reveal all your doubts about the Gala convertible wedding dress. romantic-convertible-wedding-dress-Mimetik-Bcn

Photo of Jed Nguyen , model Viktoria Protsenko

I tell you that the convertible Gala wedding dress has four different models: Essential, Rustic, Romantic and Bohemian. These different models can be converted in all the positions that you will find in our tutorial videos and in our photos of wedding dresses. Be careful, long-sleeved dresses are other models of the Frida convertible wedding dress. convertible-wedding-dress-Essential-Mimetik-Bcn

Essential Convertible Wedding Dress - Photo by Nicola Mesken


Rustic Convertible Wedding Dress - Picture by Nicola Mesken


Romantic Convertible Wedding Dress - Photo by Nicola Mesken


Bohemian Convertible Wedding Dress - Photo by Nicola Mesken

Now get ready because even if it seems impossible, with these models you will get all the positions in the following image. Tachan!! convertible-wedding-dress-Mimetik-Bcn I show you in the following videos: How about? They make you want to play with them, right? What I like the most is that with the Gala convertible wedding dress, in any of its models, it can be combined with the collection of accessories and thus achieve new designs. You can also choose the color for your wedding dress from our color and fabric chart, it's huge! wedding-dress-convertible-vineyard-Mimetik-Bcn

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Another question that you often ask me is the issue of size. There are many brides who buy their wedding dress online and it is normal that it is an issue that worries you. I wrote a post titled the 5 tips to order your wedding dress on the internet that I think will help you. But of course, if what you want is to try on the dress and for us to help you in your choice, we will be delighted to welcome you in our new showroom in Barcelona , ​​always by appointment , please! Going back to the subject of size, explain that we make all wedding dresses to measure and by hand in our workshop. It is a very traditional process, we know, but we like to do it that way. One of the things that our brides value the most is close treatment and we are super happy that this is the case. The same goes for the dresses, we like the personalization work with our brides and we make each dress uniquely. wedding-dress-convertible-lace-Mimetik-Bcn

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But I also have to confess that I find myself, more and more, with brides who at first decided to get married without having a party or a ceremony , just a discreet and quick thing, but as the date approaches they realize that they are looking forward to a wedding dress for the occasion. And this is wonderful! We have created, for brides who go at the last minute, the " Bride in a Hurry " . Bride-in-a-hurry-white-wedding-dress-convertible Bride-in-a-hurry-champagne-skirt-convertible-wedding-dress It is our Gala Essential convertible wedding dress in standard size (it is suitable for sizes from 34 to 42, incredible but true!) and in off-white, combined with a gold or ecru lace skirt , which you can wear afterwards. of the wedding with any other dress or skirt. Skirt-lace-convertible-wedding-dress How about? Have I solved your doubts about my Gala convertible wedding dress? Do not hesitate to write your questions in the comments section that you will find below, I will be delighted to answer you! Thanks for being here <3 Love, Signature-email-marketing-Mireia