The secret of success for your event

I know what it is to organize a mega event and believe me, there is only one way for everything to go well; be planned. If you are organizing your wedding, you will have to take a lot of issues into account and you need to have everything well organized. It's what your mother has told you all your life, right? He was right! There is no more secret. A good way to get organized is to count down from the day of the event to the present moment. So you can fill in the dates in which you have to have everything ready; what day do you need to make the catering payment, when do you need to have a clear list of guests, when do you need confirmations... and so on, a thousand other things. I have designed this calendar so you can make your wedding planning super cute. I already have it hanging in the Mimètik Bcn office and it looks very nice decorating the wall!2016-Watercolor-Calendar-Mimetik-Bcn To download it you only need to register and you will receive an email with the link and many more weekly surprises. Print your calendar (it is designed so that you can print it in A3 format) and start writing down the milestones for this year. It makes me super excited to think and plan what will happen this 2016!2016-Calendar-Mimetik-Bcn I hope that this calendar will help you to have everything organized in one place, because with the mess you have during the week, surely you will not miss anything! A big hug and have a 2016 movie! Signature-email-marketing-Mireia