How to get dressed for a wedding

It is a question that I am asked regularly, how to go dressed to a wedding. There are currently as many ways to get married as there are couples in the world. The way to get married today is by expressing the personality of the couple through a ceremony and/or a party . That is why we attended as guests a civil wedding, a beach wedding, a rustic wedding, a more classic church wedding, or a wedding in any destination outside the country ... even a few weeks ago a friend mine married a hot air balloon. It seemed like a super romantic idea, right?

There are many variables that influence our decision. I have summarized them in the tips that I use to know how to dress at a wedding and that you will find in this article. They will help you decide how to dress, whatever your style.

1. Talk to the bride and groom

A rustic wedding in the middle of the forest is not the same as an urban wedding in a big city, it is true. But for me the most important thing is communication. Talk to the bride and groom and be interested in what they want to express with their wedding . In addition to making them very excited to share with you the preparations and their ideas, you will have information about the style of wedding they are looking for.

How-to-go-dressed-to-a-wedding-Mimetik Is it a wedding where only friends will go and you will spend a weekend doing activities in a rural house? Stiletto heels are not recommended! And it is better that you take a suitcase with diverse clothes, to play games (which they have surely prepared) and some cute dress for the night party. Bet on feeling authentic, here there is no valid protocol. Or instead have they chosen a wedding in the city with 200 guests in a representative hall of the City Hall? Here you will have to lean towards a more formal look with a dress and accessories and, surely, you will not be able to show your character as much as in the previous case, since it will be a more formal event with more protocol. In this case, the following tips will give you ideas to get your wedding style right. There are grooms who are very clear that they do not want their guests to dress in a classic way or to spend money buying new dresses. Like everything in this life, I insist, communication is the key. Talk to the bride and groom, but don't approach the question by saying "what should you wear to your wedding?" but, as I mentioned before, connect authentically and with them, getting involved in their wedding idea and in the preparation . What they explain to you will give you the key to start deciphering how to dress for your wedding.

2. Long or short dress?

You know what the protocol says, right? If it is a day wedding, you go short and if the wedding is late at night, you will be right if you choose a long dress. This statement has already gone down in history precisely because of what I told you in the first tip. I have many clients who prefer to go long in day and rustic weddings, which this protocol would totally discourage, and the result is spectacular. Here the key is to choose some accessories that give you a look that is appropriate to the style you want to achieve. A long, flowing or bohemian dress, with boho accessories , bracelets and necklaces of different colors or a flower crown (which I adore!) and sandals can be ideal for this daytime wedding in a rural setting.


And a short, tight dress in black or a dark color, with lace or sequins, Sofia Loren style (a style that I love) or Dolce and Gabbana, is a perfect style for a sophisticated evening wedding .

So I reaffirm myself on the issue of knowing where and when the wedding will be held and above all how the bride and groom have decided: will you attend the ceremony or have they already celebrated it? Will there be family or just friends? How will the bride and groom be dressed? A key question is whether the groom will wear a suit or, on the contrary, he will be more informal.

3. What color do you choose?

How-to-go-dressed-to-a-wedding-back-Mimetik Another classic answer here would be that to go to a day wedding, choose lighter colors and for evening weddings, darker colors. It is also recommended to avoid black at weddings, because black is associated with mourning. I could not disagree more, for me black is totally suitable for a wedding as it is one of the most elegant colors. It is true that in our culture black was formerly the color of mourning and white was associated with purity, but this is not the case all over the world. In Ancient Egypt and the Roman Empire the color that represented mourning was red, the color of blood. In many Buddhist countries, however, the color associated with death is white. So I would not take into account the theme of black, I myself chose for my sister's wedding a black dress all made of sequins and tulle godets, es-pec-ta-cu-lar! How-to-go-dressed-to-a-wedding-color-Mimetik A different theme is the color white for a wedding. If you don't want the bride to kill you with her eyes just seeing you, I advise you not to go white or raw to a wedding. And less if you wear a long dress. But it is also true that not all brides want to wear white nor are they worried that some guest will wear white to their wedding. Therefore, if despite my advice you have chosen this color, talk to her beforehand to find out how she will take it. But think that if it hurts, you should be generous, it is your day and that of your partner and they deserve all the prominence and love in the world . A color that I love for the sisters of the bride and groom (who are also very protagonists that day and are very involved in the preparation of the wedding) is red and orchid color . Strong and striking colors. Because if you are the sister of one of the grooms, you also have to stand out at his side.

4. Accessories


As I already told you in tip number 2, the accessories are what will give you the real look to your style . Because the accessories are normally what gives the final character to your look and defines your style to go dressed to a wedding.

Just as I don't like brides with necklaces or watches (please, no watch!), some old earrings from your grandmother or your mother with a flower crown or updo with flowers is what I like the most as accessories for a bride. boho And even for a more classic bride, depending on the type of flowers and updos you choose, it can change the style a lot.


For rustic weddings, on the beach, bohemian and original weddings, without a doubt, I prefer crowns and accessories made of natural or preserved flowers or boho style accessories, such as ethnic or handmade bracelets, earrings and necklaces. I also love vintage brooches and vintage accessories made with rhinestones.

You can also lean towards layering a layer of tulle or lace on top of your dress, to give it an original touch and modernize a basic dress. It's a way to recycle a wardrobe staple without having to buy a new dress.

I hope my tips have helped you decide how to dress for a wedding. And what advice do you have? How do you decide your style to attend a wedding? I would love to read your comment below, I read and answer all of them!

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A hug and until next week!