How to find your wedding dress when you don't have time

Finding your wedding dress one month before the wedding!

The first time a bride wrote to me telling me that she wanted me to make her wedding dress but that there was no time, she was getting married in a month , I was very surprised. And when I realized that he was writing to me from the USA, even more so.

It turns out that she had been looking for her dress for a long time, but there was no way. She felt disguised with most of the dresses, they did not fit with the idea of ​​a wedding that she and her partner had. Other dresses that she had liked, were beyond her budget.

Due to personal circumstances, they had to advance the wedding. And she began to get nervous seeing herself without a dress. It was then, when he met our designs.




He wrote me a very nice message telling me that he had fallen in love with my wedding dresses, telling me about his personal situation and asking me for help.

I found myself in a situation in which I felt deeply involved in helping her and, at the same time, with a great responsibility . So I told her yes, I would make her wedding dress.

We made the dress for her in two weeks, plus a week for shipping. She received her dress a week before her wedding , so she had time to go shopping for accessories and shoes with the dress. Everything worked perfect. But my nerves and those of my team were quite touched. That was a year and a half ago.



At Mimètik we want Brides 120% satisfied

If you have been reading me for a long time, you will know that I am deeply grateful to each bride who trusts me on such a special day . Every girlfriend who contacts me is a human being with longings and emotions. With illusions and with needs for the day that you will celebrate your love with your loved ones. And I take that very seriously. It's an honor. And a responsibility too. I need my girlfriends to be 120% satisfied with the results. And if I can help you with other aspects of your wedding, I'm happy to do so.




When we still hadn't recovered from the stress of the Last Minute girlfriend , another girlfriend with the same situation contacted me. She needed her dress urgently and wanted us to make it for her. With one more complication. I was pregnant. Luckily, we were also able to help her.



Do you need your wedding dress and you don't have time?: Last Minute Brides

But we were in quite a stressful situation, since we were in the middle of bridal season and we had everything planned. Every last minute girlfriend that came to us made us unbalance our forecasts. But we couldn't leave them without a dress either.

This year, when we were planning the new wedding season in a meeting with my team , a brilliant idea came up. We invented a "Last Minute Bride" pack: a convertible wedding dress, made in standard size, with a lace skirt , to choose between three colors: white , gold or the color of the season, rose quartz .

Seeing the success it had among many future brides, we decided to expand the models offered as "Last Minute Bride". We now offer a total of 11 items in this category.









Our last minute wedding dresses have the following advantages:

standard size

If you have a size between 32 and 42, it will work perfectly for you. It is a dress that adapts to all these sizes. If you are pregnant, it will also look good on you, since they are made with a half-layer skirt cut on the bias and do not cling to your body.

Dresses and skirts in stock

Since it is not made to measure, we have it in stock. You don't have to wait for us to do it for you. We will send it to you in a week.

Lace skirt separated from the dress

You will be able to take advantage of your dress and your skirt separately once your wedding has passed. This is one of my obsessions, to be more sustainable and that your wedding dress does not stay locked in the closet forever. You will have a white maxi dress that you can wear for spring and summer parties and celebrations. With sandals and bohemian accessories it looks beautiful and very Mediterranean. And the lace skirt can be combined with different basic dresses, as you can see here .

If it doesn't go well, you return it

As the "Novia last Minute" dresses are made in standard sizes, if you want to return it because it is not what you are looking for, you can send it to us in its original condition and we will refund your money. Zero risk.




With the Last Minute Dresses we try to help brides without time

For a long time I wanted to explain our last minute dresses in a post. I know it may seem a bit strange, but every week I get contacted by brides from all over the world with a similar situation. This is my way of helping them. If you have a friend who is in this situation and you think you can help her, send her this article, I'm sure she'll be super grateful.







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A hug and until next week!