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We’ve opened our New Bridal Atelier!

We open this very nice place for brides to come and try on our wedding dresses and party dresses.
Bridal Atelier Mimetik Bcn Wedding
I will not deny, it has been hard work days. Fortunately, the whole team, my family and friends, have deeply involved in this process. Thanks to all these collaborations, we have made a beautiful bridal atelier.


We even rented machinery and we have restored the centenary hydraulic floor, and it turned out very nice! (If you are interested, one day I will do a master class of all machines and products to restore an hydraulic floor, it’s a long process!)
If you want to see the changes we have made, you can take a look at the pictures of the post I wrote explaining that we had new atelier for Mimètik Bcn
Since many months ago the whole team agreed that we needed a place to meet our brides. You carry a lot of time asking for a boutique where to meet us personally and, so far, it has not been possible till now.
So this summer, when I was on holiday in Sri Lanka I got the obsession to find a flat in Rambla de Catalunya in Barcelona where to base Mimètik Bcn’s atelier. If you have never been to Barcelona or do not know the city, it may not sound like an ambitious challenge, but believe me, finding a flat of this kind, it was not an easy task. In fact, when I told my friends about my new idea, people looked at me a bit strangely, as if the tropical sun had affected me too much.
Does it happen to you that sometimes you come to mind with grand ideas that seem impossible but you have the certainty that it is going to work out?
Me too.
And this was one of them.
So I asked my parents (handsome, right?) if they could help finding the atelier of my dreams.
At first, they were a little shocked about my crazy idea, but they start working and in less than a week, we had found our apartment!
Incredible but true.

Mimètik Bcn Bridal Atelier

Mimetik Bcn Bridal Atelier
I even was a little scared …
We found it so quickly, with the ideal location, the perfect flat …
But yes, I felt it was for us!
We quickly went to check it and we loved it.
But I made a serious mistake.
It took me two days to confirm the reservation.
I wanted to see it again, I was afraid that with the excitement of the first day I may have felt that it was nicer and more appropriate than it really was.
Bridal Atelier Bridesmaid Dresses Mimetik Bcn
When I saw it the second time I was told that other people had just made the deposit for the reservation.
We had lost our atelier.
Oh no, I was so sad that I could not believe it … I had found it, I had spent two days dreaming and then the flat, my dream and my new projects were gone.
I felt defeated with a thousand negative ideas
“This apartment was too perfect”
“It was all too good to be true”
“It’s still not the time”
And everyone told me that this had happened because the atelier was not for me.
How angry I was, I could not imagine a better place for my brides and bridesmaids! Besides, I felt that this was my place.
After two days I received a call. Well, I would say, The Call.
Those who had made the deposit, eventually would not keep the flat.
If I wanted it, it was mine.

You can not imagine the leap I did!
The flat had returned to me!!
I quickly transferred the money to confirm that it would not escape again.
And there began a new era for Mimètik Bcn.
A new stage we are celebrating with the opening of the bridal atelier, receiving our brides and bridesmaids. And I can not be more grateful for the response we have received, it has been incredible. Without announcing anywhere, without explaining it too much, we have filled two months with brides and bridesmaids visits to our boutique.
Bridal Atelier Lace Dresses Mimetik Bcn
I hope to give such an excellent service as you have made me feel with your welcome. And if you want to come to know us and still do not have your appointment, you have to hurry up! Write an email to Mariona and ask for your day. We’ll be waiting for you with our arms opened!
I’m so excited that I have prepared a super surprise for next week! I’ll explain you everything in the mail next Thursday.


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Hi! My name is Mireia, creator of Mimètik Bcn and designer of women’s dresses for bohemian weddings.

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