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Laura + Carlos, a wedding full of dreams

Dream, believe, delude yourself and dare!” is the first you can read when entering into this wedding. And that is what it’s about, a wedding full of hope and affection. The protagonists: Laura and Carlos, two young people with a love so intense neither the long distance nor the constant relocations can beat it.
If you are passionate about the stories of hope, affection and emotion as much as I am, do not hesitate and dare to discover the history of this couple that, I assure you, will catch your undivided attention from the first moment!


A love from the 21th century

Carlos and Laura’s Story began 8 years ago. It all started with one of the most common millennial ways to meet people, and that everyone has lived sometime. So, let’s situate this story: Laura is a 26-year-old young woman natural from Barcelona, while Carlos is a 27-year-old man from Mérida (in Extremadura) who actually lives in La Coruña (Galicia). I’m sure you have once shown the photo of an acquaintance to a friend asking her “What? How do you see it? I think you both suit well”. Well, something like this happened to them. It turns out that Laura and Carlos had a mutual friend who one fine summer day realized they both were made for each other. He brought them into touch and they started talking by telephone. Time passed, and Laura and Carlos continued with their talks, until one day they though the moment had come… Laura made the big step and she moved with him to La Coruña! Who was going to tell them that this love that began with barely 17 and 19 years would have been confirmed in a beautiful wedding on July 1th, exactly 8 years after knowing each other! This is what I call a love that grows and (makes) grow ♥


Couple’s complicity


As Laura explains to me what kind of couple she and Carlos are, I realize promptly that couples like them should be the role model for all the couples. She tells me that the basis of their relationship is confidence, something I see essential for all kind of relationships we want to work out, either romantic, friendly or even in work. Laura defines her relationship as “husband and wife, but also best friends”. Either they have very different characters, Laura think that at the same time they have everything in common. She explains: “It’s strange, very different but very equal at the same time; without a doubt, we are the better half of the other”. I love this kind of connections!
They enjoy a lot when they are together, either by their own or with friends or family. Laura and Carlos also share some hobbies, like going to the beach, to have dinner outside, to the movies… and travel! They are a super active and restless couple, always from one place to another, and always with great enthusiasm, the most important motor of life.


The cozy proposal


And how do you ask someone you have been barely de half of your life is she wants to stay with you forever? There are so many ways to propose this: with a ring and bending the knee, with a dance, with a video, or simply saying it. Well, in Laura and Carlos’ case there was a Saturday morning, they just had opened their eyes. Laura was still in the bed when Carlos decided to get up and go bringing something. When he came back, he brought with him a crystal jar full of little papers. And what did that paper say? They were reasons why he wanted to marry her! As Laura herself explains to me: “it was special, very simple and modest, but with a lot of love and feelings”. Sometimes, when you are with the right person, there’ no need of big shows, just a beautiful gesture and the presence of the other, right? Total love ♥


The big day


Sometime later that proposal so full of feelings, the preparations for the big day started. As you may already have noticed, Laura and Carlos give off a very good vibe and do not look for unnecessary complications, so their wedding had to reflect this: the comfort, the naturalness, the well-being without pressures or marked protocols, all very relaxed.


What Carlos and Laura had very clear in their mind, over all, is that they wanted their close people near them, and that the wedding had to be a big party, so everyone could have a great time! Besides, they had the help of Esencias de Boda, who helped them to organize the whole event in every moment. It just remained to finalize details. The place was clear: the vacation house in where Carlos had spent his childhood, in Mirandilla (Badajoz, Extremadura). Just with this decision they made a very special feeling in the atmosphere of the wedding.


What was the most complicated to choose for them, according to Laura, was the catering. They wanted something that would adapt perfectly to their idea, and they made it! When you do things with a great enthusiasm, everything comes out without any problem! And so it was, everybody was super glad in the wedding! And, of course, Laura and Carlos were so happy and proud of having the big day they wanted and, in the same way, make the rest of the people have an unforgettable and beautiful time in a so naturalness way.


The dress ♥


What would be better for the wedding dress of Laura than one of bohemian inspiration? She was convinced that she wanted something like this for her wedding, as she had in mind a rustic wedding, and veils or trails didn’t adapt to her idea. It was then when, looking over the Internet, she found MimètikBCN, that fitted perfectly in of what she was looking for. As Laura herself says: “When I saw your brand, I knew, without a doubt, that my dress was going to be from Mimètik: I had a hunch”. Ohhh Laura’s so cute… you don’t know the thrill that your words make me! And the wonderful photos of Pablo Varela confirm that Laura were amazing in her wedding! She opted for our Gala Vintage in ivory lace, which, accompanied by that flower crown, it turned her into a beautiful bohemian bride. Laura, you were delightful!


Laura’s advice for future brides

Live the previous months with a lot of eagerness, when the day comes it goes so fast! Enjoy the 100%, without worries.


Thank you so much to Laura and Carlos for sharing their wonderful story plenty of hope and eagerness with all of us! And thank you so much to Pablo Varela, who, with his lovely photos, has permitted us to enjoy this super special story like if we were there.
And you? Are you also in a relationship as much as special as Laura and Carlos’ for which you would leave everything and go to the other side of the country with your love? Tell me in the comments!

Sending much love,


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