You don't want a wedding dress

That is.

You don't want a wedding dress. You want to be the authentic, laid-back bride who enjoys love on the brightest day.

That flows with all your loved ones. That radiates happiness.

That you feel safe.

What is precious

That shines, that falls in love.

That's why you don't want a wedding dress. You want the assurance that you are going to feel comfortable and spectacular at the same time.

You will be sure that you are showing your authentic essence.

No stiffness. Guileless.

naturally radiant

That's why you don't need a wedding dress that hides I don't know what or covers I don't know how many.

You don't need to win or lose anything.

Simply, be, be and show yourself.

Share your light.

If you leave me your email, I will send you an email a day explaining how to do it.

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If you want to laugh for a while and take the pressure off for the event of the year, you know, I'll be on the other side sending you an email every day with reflections and advice so that you can be the authentic and relaxed bride you want to be.

And it shines.

A big hug,