Jenn + Blake, a dream-like elopement!


I know what are you thinking about right now: “Mireia, you told us these weddings were Real Weddings with real brides, not fashion photo shootings”. But I have to tell you that… Yes! The photos you are seeing are from a real wedding! Even it looks like a dream!

If you like to read about incredible, but real, weddings and its beautiful stories, you will love Jenn and Blake’s big day!


Their “fated chemistry”

Jenn and Blake’s story started thanks to their profession, as they were both nurses at the local hospital of Murfeesboro, in Tennessee. When Jenn told me in what they work as, I instantly knew I was in front of two people with a big heart, as this is a very altruistic profession, unselfish and emotional.


Blake was starting in the hospital, and Jenn was his mentor during the four weeks the training last. But it wasn’t necessary to wait so much time to know they had something special. They knew they were meant to be together at the second week! As Jenn says: “You can’t fake that fated chemistry”. Wow! It was almost a love at first-sight!


The perfect harmony as a couple

When Jenn was telling me about her and Blake, I saw they were in a perfect harmony as a couple and as human beings. They’re always both laughing at each other dumb jokes. They color-lovers and enjoy painting. Jenn has a stunning tattoo in the back that Blake matched perfectly with the flower in the vest he was wearing at the wedding. These details and harmony is what thrills me the most!


But what I see more meaningful of this couple is their love for simple and “down to earth” life. They enjoy the sunshine and the breeze on their faces, as well as taking long hikes. As Jenn tells me: “We are here for this crazy adventure called life but so glad we can do that together! We enjoy seeing the world for the beauty it has in its daily, while most just pass it by.” I think this is a very authentic and truthful philosophy; life is beautiful and we should stop and stare just to see the world.


The 20th proposal

Jenn and Blake were together even in the proposal! Yes, I know that when one proposes to its couple, the other is with him or her, but what I want to say is that both of them “propose” to each other! They have talked a lot of times about marrying and proposed to each other like 19 times before having their rings! But, when they finally had them, Blake asked Jenn and Jenn asked Blake to marry and they wore their rings from that day on.


The big and blue day

But what I love the most in this wedding is that this is the first time I listen to talk about an “elopement”. Following their simply-life philosophy, Jenn and Blake decided to have a very intimate wedding: no guests and no one else but them. As Jenn says “In the end, when you find the right person, it’s simple. All you really need is him”.


Do you imagine getting married in one little island in the Caribbean? Jenn and Blake love the ocean, and they though there were no better place than the Caribbean to see such a beautiful sea colors (and so think I!).

So they had to find the right place to marry, thinking about the distance and if they wanted to be able to return to this place in the future. And they found it! A little island in Turks and Caicos was the chosen one. But then hurricane Irma came, and their travel agent called 4 days prior to their departure and said they had to post pone the trip due to the damage. Jenn was super sad, that wasn’t an option!

So Blake called the resort and the agent to tell them they were coming. And that was their best decision, because it turns out that they were the only guests at their hotel for their special day. “Absolute perfection”, says Jenn, “The ocean. The blue saturated colors of the sky and water. It being exactly what we had dreamt of.”


The dress ♥

I’m so glad Jenn choose one Mimètik dress for her elopement. Jenn was looking for “easy and flowly bohemian dresses”, as she defines them, when she instantly fell in love with the Gala Rustic in Tulle with a lace sash in ivory. “Simple, easy and stunning”, thanks Jenn! I think it was perfect for your way of live.

Talking to Jenn after her wedding, she explained me she was absolutely delighted with the dress. She needed a wedding dress that could be 12h folded and had no wrinkles and the Gala made it! Furthermore, she loved that it’s one size dress, so nobody has to do huge diets, what is a stress relief for any bride. Besides, during the photography of the wedding, they went into the ocean and into a pool for taking pictures, so the dress got wet, and in Jenn’s own words: “It was heavy, as expected, but it did not muddle the quality or the look of the dress, which I thought was so amazing!! Tested and true. It passed!”. Thank you Jenn, I am so happy to know our Gala made your day complete ♥


Jenn’s advice for future brides

“Really think about what matters to you. Don’t let others push you into things that you don’t want, or even “tradition”. This is the day that you will remember forever, and the things you experience should be the things YOU want to. Everyone has their opinions, but it’s yours, and your future husband’s that are the only ones that matter.”


Wow! This is definitively a very special story and an intimate, beautiful and super authentic wedding, that didn’t needed anything else because it was PERFECT. I also want to thanks Sean Brady, a photographer with Kaieri photography based on the island for these wonderful pictures of this amazing elopement.

And you? Do you also did an elopement? Tell me in the comments!


Lots of love,

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