Maternity dresses for special occasions

If you are pregnant and you are looking for a romantic and special maternity wedding dress, we have your perfect match: bohemian maternity dresses for special occasions. Whether you are the bride or a special wedding guest, our dresses for special occasions designed for pregnant women will perfectly fit on your body and make you feel confortable and unique.


Maternity dresses for special occasions and flower girls

 Special dresses for flower girls

At Mimètik we can not forget about the little protagonists of the story, the flower girls so, we also design special and romantic dresses for them. Dresses like yours, which make the flower girls feel as unique as you.


Flower girl lace dress

Maternity wedding dress



I love designing maternity dresses for special occasions, and I do it with love an passion. You can not imagine how happy I feel when then, the most important day of your lifes, I see your pictures wearing maternity wedding dress. So if you are pregnant and you are looking for a confortable, feminine and romantic wedding dress, I really hope you will find the perfect dress for that special occasion within our Maternity Collection.