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Spring short dress with polka dots: Don’t stop the music!

Looking for a short dress for this spring? I am not surprised! With this warm weather that is already approaching, the sun shining everywhere, and that overwhelming desire to go out and enjoy the outdoors again, a spring dress is exactly what you need. With these polka dots dress you’ll feel like dancing in the street, on the rooftops and on our own backyard… Order a short spring dress that gives you good vibes, leave the pandemic behind and shout out loud “Don’t stop the music!”

Vestido corto con topos estilo pin-up

Of course, in these times of uncertainty, it’s best to buy a short dress that makes you feel beautiful and really suits you, of course, but is also a smart purchase. How? With a convertible dress. This model combines a short skirt with long and stretchy straps that can be wrap in many different ways. That way, you don’t have one dress, but a thousand! Every time you wrap it up in a different fashion you just have a different dress.

It is perfect for both day-to-day or more formal events. You will only have to match the dress with different accessories: red heels (so pin-up!) if you are a wedding guest in spring; a beige trench coat with Converse for the after work; a blazer for that special dinner on a terrace. I’m sure you are already imagining how to combine it. And if not, don’t worry, I’m going to give you some ideas in this article.

Short spring dress 2021: Don’t stop the music!

What do you think of these polka dots dresses? They give such good vibes and, thanks to their convertible straps, they easily adapt to different types of bodies and shapes, always looking good. Believe me when I tell you that your girl friends are going to ask you where you bought it. We have this dress in different colors, so you can easily find the one you like the most. The bottom part is always polka dots, whether they are small or large.

How to combine your short dress

Do you have a beige trench coat, the typical one? Yes? Then you have the perfect combination. We also love how it combines with more colorful trench coats, such as those in red or mustard, or with the black trench coat. It is a perfect option for day-to-day.
If you want something more casual, you can wear it with a denim jacket. It’s also a classic, and will add a casual vibe to this pin-up dress.
And what about a blazer? The blazer, in black or blue navy, will give you a sophisticated look. As for the shoes, you can go for the trainers (more casual) or for the heels (more elegant). Both are a great idea and will only depend on the moment.

Short dress with Converse

This short spring dress can be paired with different trainers. You will feel beautiful with Converse or with those white sneakers that you have surely already bought for the spring / summer season. Completely flat, you will be comfortable walking around the city and have a great time on the usual terrace with those friends you haven’t seen for a long time.

Polka short dress with ballerinas

And what about tulle? If lace is elegance and sensuality, tulle is pure delicacy. We have many options of tulle for your mask: the softness of tulle in ivory, golden or rose quartz, the well-known plumeti, its softer version, the Dotted Tulle, the Hearts …

Short spring dress with heels

If you have a formal event, this spring dress will be your great ally. You can pair it with red heels: so pin-up! Also, as in the case of ballerinas, it will not be difficult for you to find different colored heels … Of course, if you are looking for versatility, it is best to buy black heels, which will combine perfectly with the lower part of the dress, and with any other garment.

Headbands and face masks: the cherry on the cake

If you want a total look, we have this super idea for you: hair bands and polka dot mask. The mask is made of approved fabric, which is going to make you feel safe. To this first and tight layer, we add a beautiful overlay made of polka dots satin jersey to match the spring dress of your choice.

Last units, 50% off!

I know you are going to love this: these polka dot dresses, perfect for dancing and giving your all the good vibes, have a 50% discount. They are Limited Edition, exclusively for you. We take them out for spring / summer and when they are finished… they are finished, there will be no more, out of stock! Hurry up because, in some cases, only one of that specific type remains.

We hope you have loved both the dresses and the mixes I have recommended to you. Remember that they are the last units and, with this exclusive price, they will be quickly out of stock. And if you have any questions about how to wrap a convertible dress, do not hesitate to look at our step by step tutorials:


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