Wedding dresses

Most women want a classic dress and big ceremonies. Others, like you, might want to wear bohemian wedding dresses to their wedding.

That is why we have a large collection with different bohemian wedding dresses , romantic style, hippie, and many more things that will adapt to your tastes.

The most beautiful boho wedding dresses

If you're planning an alternative wedding, perhaps with a more outdoor theme, you may not want to buy a traditional wedding dress. For them you could have to spend a lot of money, and not have the style you want.

Then bohemian bridal gowns are surely more suitable for you . Different wedding dresses, made especially for non-traditional weddings.

So that you can find your perfect Mimètik, we have a whole collection of wedding dresses with a romantic, bohemian or rustic style that you will love.

You have a wide range of options to find out which one is your favourite, from simple to bright designs, with lace variants.

Thus, your wedding can be the one you would like it to be, completely alternative and authentic . And also, without having to invest too much money.

You can match your guests with our wedding dresses for bridesmaids and guest dresses .

Bohemian and cheap wedding dresses

If you are a woman who is not a fan of extravagance and you prefer simplicity… We have the best bohemian wedding dresses for you !

Simple styles at first glance that are still very pretty, but also comfortable and with quality fabric.

And also, you can choose them in white, or with some varieties, such as sequins or a champagne color.

We give you the option to choose and try on wedding dresses in Barcelona , where we have our atelier.

The most beautiful romantic wedding dresses

Among the boho chic wedding dresses, there are some with a very romantic style to celebrate your wedding. You can find varieties in three pieces and with lace, adding a skirt that you can use to your style and comfort.

Looking for casual wedding dresses?

If you also like a more informal style for your boho hippie wedding dress, you will find many options to your liking.

Among them there is a variety of short dresses and also rustic wedding dresses where you will see crossed designs, with long sleeves, lace bodice, and even colors.

And if you like to show off with a daring personality, you will also find a short and tight Mimètik to wear to your wedding ceremony.

Vintage and elegant wedding dresses

Mimètik dresses are made for authentic women who prefer something more original than a conventional ceremony.

But in addition to that, we also want you to feel comfortable and beautiful without having to spend a fortune on it.

And, as if that were not enough, it is possible to have personal advice to find your ideal Mimètik. You can request an appointment so that you have the best experience choosing wedding dresses in Barcelona.

For this reason, our bohemian wedding dresses have minimalist designs to reduce the cost of your wedding.

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