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Your wedding budget

all the costs have multiplied by a thousand? Everything costs a lot of money and any small change, in the menu or the timing, makes your wedding budget increase considerably.
Do not get bogged down! What you need is to establish a clear budget for your wedding and keep it in mind at all times, so that you don’t go crazy and melt your credit card.
When we talk about such an emotional issue such as a wedding, sometimes we find it difficult to cut the budget somewhere, because everything makes us so excited. Everything seems so important, like if you don’t put that special kind of flowers on each chair for the ceremony, the wedding will just not be the same. And you think, ooook, let’s do an economic effort!
Spending more just on one detail it is not a serious problem, but several things and it may affect your wedding budget considerably.
I wouldn’t like that your special day arrives and the week before you encounter unexpected debts, realizing that you’ve spent too much.
Organization is always the key
Today I’ve prepared a cute checklist for you to consider all the costs you will have with your dress, the hairdressing and makeup. So that you can set a realistic budget for your wedding and not spend unaware. Download it and start pointing the costs for everything, the deposit that you have left and what you need to pay. And you will not get any last minute surprises!
I’ll be looking forward to hear from you your planning has worked for you and if you’ve kept your budget!
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I’ll see you next week, ciao!


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Hi! My name is Mireia, creator of Mimètik Bcn and designer of women’s dresses for bohemian weddings.

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