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What to do if you had to postpone your wedding due to coronavirus?

These days I am getting lots of messages from brides-to-be who have had to postpone their wedding due to the coronavirus outbreak. A few months ago, no one imagined that this pandemic situation would be reached. But it has happened and here we are to help you in your plan changes due to coronavirus.

Coronavirus: postponing the wedding does not mean canceling

The first step is to calm down. You may have been planning your perfect wedding for months or even for more than a year, so it’s normal for you to feel frustration or sadness. Let those emotions express themselves, communicate your concerns to your family and friends, to your partner, but don’t let yourself feel overwhelmed.

There’s a phrase I love and I have hung on the wall “Feelings are much like waves, we can’t stop them from coming but we can choose which one to surf”. If you like surfing like me, you’ll feel super identified. And it’s so true. Feel your emotions and give them space, but then adjust your thoughts back to reality. Yes, you’ve had to postpone your wedding because of coronavirus, but better times will come. And you’ll have that wonderful wedding you’ve always imagined!

Postpone your wedding for the Covid-19 and move on to an autumn wedding

With a little help of a wedding planner

If you have a wedding planner, she will take care of all the consequences of the coronavirus outbreak. Surely she has already contacted you to discuss some topics such as the location, the catering service, and everything you have already left in charge. You’re in good hands, listen to her, and feel calm. And, if you want us to recommend a super wedding planner, we love Bendito Sarao.

I don’t have a wedding planner, where should I start?

Contact the town hall or the church where the wedding was supposed to be held. Then you will have to do the same with the camera, the photographer, the DJ… The whole sector is very aware, and they want the best for you; they will make it easier for you. You’ll see how they try to help you get organized again.

For now, professionals are working with postponed May’s weddings, although the situation may evolve. They are considering working more and opening unforeseen days, such as Fridays and Sundays so that you can have your wedding this year. Prepare a calendar to see how you could adjust all the changes, for example in Excel. Or add a tab to that Excel you already have to control your wedding budget.

Changes to your boho wedding dress

Due to coronavirus, many grooms are choosing to postpone their weddings from April and May to September and October. The question you’re going to ask yourself is, what about my wedding dress? If your dress is Mimètik, you can easily adapt it to autumn. In fact, versatility is one of our maxims and is now where it is best demonstrated. But whether your dress is a Mimètik or not, it’s just about making certain changes:

Complete your wedding dress with a denim jacket or leather jacket

This casual mix is loved by many of my Mimètik Brides and I usually recommend it to our brides-to-be. Autumn is not especially fresh in Spain, but i’ts a good idea to add that second layer. Not to mention how cool you’ll feel about that casual piece of clothe over your bohemian dress! Look how good It looks on Mercè. I liked it so much that she shared her photos with us in such exceptional moments, that at the moment I uploaded those to our stories.

Postpone your wedding for the Covid and autumn weddings: Mimotik dress with Texan jacket

Your boho dress with a knitted shawl

I saw this combination recently in one of my Mimètik Brides, Anna, and I thought it was super great! The knitted shawl combines perfectly with the crop top beatnik. Plus, she feels warm and safe. If you like the handcrafted look, the shawl could be made by your mother or grandmother. So handmade!

Postpone your wedding for the Covid19 and have a wedding in autumn: Mimotik dress in shawl

Add a Frida bolero

Our Frida model is usually worn by the autumn and winter brides. To the dress you already have, you can add a Frida lace bolero in Ivory or Champagne, for more temperate climates, or a Frida Essential bolero if it’s going to get colder. And for my brave brides-to-be: nothing like a splash of color!

Autumn weddings: Frida bolero in ivory to warm you up in the cold

Choose a Frida Essential and add all the accessories that best define you

If there is one thing that characterizes us is our haste when making and sending wedding dresses. So maybe you are reading this and, actually, you haven’t chosen your dress yet. No problem! For Last Minute brides, we have the category “Bride in a Hurry”: you choose a model in a standard size, and in two-three weeks you have it at home. Fantastic, isn’t it? For that autumn wedding, you can directly choose one of our wonderful Frida models. And if you need more ideas for your autumn or winter wedding, I recommend our article: Charming Weddings, Winter Bohemian Brides Inspiration

Three-quarter-sleeved boho wedding dress

Postpone your wedding due to coronavirus: Let your family and friends know

After talking to your suppliers and getting the new date, don’t forget to let your guests know. I’m sure they’ll be super understanding. Remember: they want to see you happy and relaxed on your big day. And do you know we also make bridesmaids and cocktail dresses? You can take advantage of the announcement of the new date to recommend them Mimètik. For example, look at this Frida in marsala or don’t miss our Velvet collection. They will also have to make changes to their dress and I’m sure they appreciate all the help you can give them!

Mimotik dress for bridesmaid Frida sleeves three-quarters

Bridesmaids: feel more supported than ever at your wedding

Did you consider having bridesmaids at your wedding? Maybe you’ve ruled it out at first, but now, in these challenging times, you need the women most important to you to be by your side. Make this beautiful announcement to those friends and family members. Believe me, it’s going to be super exciting. And they’re going to feel like the luckiest women in the world. You’ve had to postpone your wedding because of coronavirus, they know what that means and they want to be by your side.

Bridesmaids Mimotik Dresses, Infinity Dresses

Let me explain that the magic of Mimètik is our Infinity dresses: the same dress, a thousand ways to wear it. Imagine all your friends, by your side, dressed the same, but with the possibility of showing each of them that personality that makes them unique and exceptional. For example, they might wear this beautiful burgundy, but each one could give it a personal touch on how to wrap it up.

Autumn wedding: Mimotik dress in velvet for bridesmaids

Time to be inspired for your wedding

You know I love the DIY community and that’s how I started my business. Why don’t you take advantage of these weeks to make the presents for your guests? Or prepare games, as I explain in this other article: 5 games for original weddings. These weeks I’m sharing content on my Instagram that can be very useful to you, with photos of other Mimètik brides that can inspire you or tips for these days. You’ve got time! Take advantage of it!

The honeymoon and the coronavirus

Again, in general couples are choosing to postpone and not cancel the trip. Perhaps this is the biggest uncertainty since right now many countries have borders closed and we do not know how long that situation will drag on. I am sure that both the travel agency and all the providers of your honeymoon will be super aware of you and find the most favorable solution. If you have to rethink your honeymoon trip for next year, I recommend you read my 3 epic destinations for your honeymoon.

Postpone your wedding for the Coronavirus: the most important thing is the attitude

Keep this one idea of this article: everything will be fine. Focus on being well, calm, changing what you can change, which is your attitude. Better times will come, I’m sure. And you will have that wedding that you have always dreamed of, surrounded by your loved ones and you will be super happy. As Sinatra says: the best is yet to come!

Lots of love,


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